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Scientific Method in Religious Practice

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  • dim_usa
    Introduction Many people tend to view religion as something totally opposite to science, as a blind faith of intellectually weak people, who never bother
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 18, 2002
      Many people tend to view religion as something totally opposite to
      science, as a blind faith of intellectually weak people, who never
      bother themselves with searching for any proof...
      Yes, this kind of religiosity does exist...
      But there is also another kind of religion - that of reasonable
      people - adepts of which make real efforts on self-transformation
      according to the God's design. It is in this case that there exists a
      possibility of using a scientific method for attainment of the
      Highest religious Purpose - a complete spiritual Self-Realization.

      What is the scientific method
      The scientific method of studying any phenomena, from physical to
      psychological, biological, and psychoenergetic, must be based on
      reproducibility of results obtained in the course of an experiment.
      Suppose, there is a phenomenon or a group of phenomena for which
      science has no explanation currently. The scientific method consists
      in development of a working hypothesis, setting of an experiment,
      that can either corroborate or refute this hypothesis, evaluating the
      results, etc.
      But while in a physical experiment the object of research is a
      phenomenon of the material world which is studied by means of some
      material instrument, in religious practice the object of study is in
      non-material worlds, while as the scientific instrument the
      experimentalist-practician uses his soul, consciousness.
      The studying of psychoemotional states with the help of
      encephalographs does not provide scientists with the complete picture
      of what a person experiences; this is but a reflection, a projection
      of reality onto the "material" plane.
      But in the same way new discoveries become possible as scientific
      instruments get more sophisticated, one becomes able to directly
      experience new religious truths as one's consciousness grows more
      purified and larger in size. As a result of such practice a person's
      outlook inevitably changes towards more profound understanding of the
      structure of the Universe and realization of the interrelationships
      between the world and oneself. Also, false religious dogmas get
      destroyed in a natural way.

      About principles of working with scriptures
      A person willing to engage in religious study should know the
      Bible and other religious scriptures. But study of these books can be
      optimized if one takes into account the following:
      1) Books were written by people, and people tend to err sometimes;
      2) A significant part of what is written in these scriptures is
      but an allegory;
      3) Many recommendations that they contain were relevant only to
      the specific situation at the time the particular scripture was
      4) Some parts of the scriptural text have been to a significant
      extent distorted or taken out by people over time. Other important
      information was not even included in those scriptures - for either
      objective or subjective reasons.

      The complete doctrine of spiritual practice can be summarized in
      short in the following three points:

      1) There is God - the Universal Consciousness of the Creator, Who
      lives in the highest eon of multidimensional universe.
      2) He is Love.
      3) We really can and should strive to become one with Him through
      transforming ourselves into Love. And it makes sense to dedicate our
      lives to comprehending and realizing this, as well as helping others
      do it also.

      A spiritual practice for psychogenetically mature people implies:

      1) Initial familiarization with the concept of Spiritual Path and
      accumulation of relevant knowledge;
      2) Ethic purification in accordance with the principles that
      incarnate people received from God. At this stage various methods of
      psychic self-regulation, based on shifting the concentration of
      consciousness from one chakra to another and mastering the functions
      of chakras can render one a significant help.
      3) Psychoenergetical work on transforming oneself into a developed
      spiritual heart, expansion of it within multidimensional structure of
      the Absolute, and substituting the Higher Self for individual lower

      The religious Truth in all its entirety is impossible to
      understand by its description - one can only perceive it by one's own
      personal experience. And all people who successfully advance on this
      Path experience it.
      Such practice results in clearly perceptible and noticeable changes
      of the inner state of a person.
      This doctrine of spiritual heart has never been published before.
      But now this knowledge is available for all people(Spiritual
      Practices (Training Aid)).

      Mistakes and deviations
      1) Religion-specific theological schools, which do not consider
      all spiritual phenomena and do not have a developed practical part,
      cannot be called scientific
      2) Scientific approach to studying religion cannot be based solely
      on the systematization of outer form of worship, i.e. religious
      rituals. Rituals represent the most primitive stage of religious
      practice that does not aim at serious positive transformation of a
      person, of his spiritual state. The only benefit of religious rituals
      is strengthening of the faith in the existence of God, which creates
      a foundation for further advancement.
      3) Also those esoteric schools cannot be called scientific-
      religious that do not aim at cognition of God. They usually seek
      merely development of certain personal qualities of their students,
      but this cannot be considered a religious practice.

      If a strictly logical approach that takes into account all above
      said, is used, religion really becomes science, while its practical
      part - spiritual Self-Realization.

      Scientific-Spiritual Center "Swami"


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