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Re: The Black Arts by Richard Cavendish

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  • incognito_lightbringer
    Magus, How can gnosticism be Satanic? I m under the impression Lucifer and Satan are not the same thing in gnostic mythology. If you translate Lucifer as Latin
    Message 1 of 43 , Nov 6, 2002
      How can gnosticism be Satanic? I'm under the impression Lucifer and
      Satan are not the same thing in gnostic mythology. If you translate
      Lucifer as Latin for morning star, it's either/or both Sophia and
      Jesus. Sophia is also identified as the Holy Spirit. Neither is the
      demiurge necessarily Satan either. In some texts he appears to be, in
      others he's a composite of craftsman and world ruler, world ruler
      being Satan, craftsman the Old Testament God once ignorant but now in
      cahoots with the upper Godhead. In some texts there's a heavenly
      upheaval where one aspect of the demiurge repents (Saboath) whereas
      Ialdeboath, the original force, gets displaced and goes black and
      insane. Although it could be said that the fall of Sophia generates
      both demiurge and Satan, neither is she Satan from the standpoint of
      ancient gnostic texts, although you could say she is Lucifer, having
      fallen into matter from foolishness/and-or pride/and-or the desire to
      surmount the upper Godhead. In Nag Hammadi Origin of the World,
      there's an dark force within chaos even prior to the creation of the
      demiurge, and that force is responsible for the generation of matter.
      So on. I'm just wondering how you interpret the myths and Satan
      versus Lucifer.
      Also, from what I've gleaned, most Satanists are secular humanist
      atheists who think this world isn't such a bad place. Rather, that
      human psychology is screwed up. And they don't even believe there is
      a Devil or a God. It's all just non-literal symbolism and mind. This
      differs from gnosticism which views matter as evil and rejects the
      material world. The OTO call themselves gnostics too, and they don't
      reject the material world either. There seems to be some confusion as
      to what's gnostic.

      --- In gnosticism2@y..., "Magus Lazarus" <Magus_lazarus@h...> wrote:
      > The Black Arts by Richard Cavendish is a truly amazing work which i
      cant say
      > enough good things about (hence the reason i added a reference to
      the book
      > in my signature). it is a true inspiration to those of us who
      follow a path
      > which combines Gnosism and Satanism and captures the Universal
      Paradigm of
      > the Black Magician better than any single writer i've ever had the
      > of reading. I have even joking refered to it as the Gnostic
      > Bible.
    • fred60471
      ... http://classics.mit.edu/Antoninus/meditations.html Regards, fred
      Message 43 of 43 , Nov 15, 2002
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        > >
        > > You should read "meditations" by marcus aurelius.
        > >
        > > -K.A.
        > Can I find it on the internet?


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