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Re: Gnosis is Not Emptiness

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    Lightpotential said.... ... most ... of ... empty ... in ... as ... to ... which parts exactly are you talking about Lightpotential? In my recollection Jesus
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      Lightpotential said....

      > To me, the Pistis Sophia is a classic gnostic text and among the
      > important. There are mysteries that are covered in this work which
      > are also treated to a lesser extent in the Bible in the 4 gospels
      > Jesus, that examine this concept of emptiness, especially as it
      > relates to the human condition. Jesus speaks of souls as being
      > containers, much like counterfeited money. The whole concept of
      > gnosis is tied to our receiving 'light in our lamps' or knowledge
      > our souls. It is this which, in my view at least, is what frees us
      > from the sphere of the fates and the lower realms that we inhabit
      > that are ruled by the demiurge. There are great mysteries connected
      > to this idea of people (souls) being empty containers. In fact, I
      > believe that the realm that we inhabit which is the Kosmos, one of
      > the lowest realms of creation, was 'counterfeited into existence'
      > a natural consequence of the continued EXTENSION from God that led
      > the creation of all realms in their entireity. It's creation
      > was 'planned' from the beginning. It had to be so. It is for us to
      > rise above this realm and through this act we exit this world of
      > suffering.

      which parts exactly are you talking about Lightpotential? In my
      recollection Jesus speaks of the souls of men in a rather negative
      light (as in chapter 8 where he explains that the apostles are absent
      the "souls of the rulers". It also speaks of the "fulness" in a
      positive way. None of this seems related to the kind of "emptynes"
      that Corax is talking about though... two completely different things
      it would appear to me. Can you clerify for us?

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