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    OG Transmigration -- This word is grossly misunderstood in the modern Occident, as also is the doctrine comprised under the old Greek word metempsychosis, both
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 22, 2002
      OG Transmigration -- This word is grossly misunderstood in the modern
      Occident, as also is the doctrine comprised under the old Greek word
      metempsychosis, both being modernly supposed to mean, through the
      common misunderstanding of the ancient literatures, that the human
      soul at some time after death migrates into the beast realm and is
      reborn on earth in a beast body. The real meaning of this statement
      in ancient literature refers to the destiny of what theosophists call
      the life-atoms, but it has absolutely no reference to the destiny of
      the human soul, as an entity. Theosophy accepts all aspects of the
      ancient teaching, but explains and interprets them. Our doctrine in
      this respect unless, indeed, we are treating of the case of a "lost
      soul, "is "once a man, always a man." The human soul can no more
      migrate over and incarnate in a beast body than can the psychical
      apparatus of a beast incarnate in human flesh. Why? Because in the
      former case, the beast vehicle offers to the human soul no opening at
      all for the expression of the spiritual and intellectual and
      psychical powers and faculties and tendencies which make a man human.
      Nor can the soul of the beast enter into a human body, because the
      impassable gulf of a psychical and intellectual nature, which
      separates the two kingdoms, prevents any such passage from the one up
      into another so much its superior in all respects. In the former
      case, there is no attraction for the man beastwards; and in the
      latter case there is the impossibility of the imperfectly developed
      beast mind and beast soul finding a proper lodgment in what to it is
      truly a godlike sphere which it simply cannot enter. Transmigration,
      however, has a specific meaning when the word is applied to the human
      soul: the living entity migrates or passes over from one condition to
      another condition or state or plane, as the case may be, whether
      these latter be in the invisible realms of nature or in the visible
      realms, and whether the state or condition be high or low. The
      specific meaning of this word, therefore, implies nothing more than a
      change of state or of condition or of plane: a migrating of the
      living entity from one to the other, but always in conditions or
      estates or habitudes appropriate and pertaining to its human dignity.

      In its application to the life-atoms, to which are to be referred the
      observations of the ancients with regard to the lower realms of
      nature, transmigration means briefly that the particular life-atoms,
      which in their aggregate compose man's lower principles, at and
      following the change that men call death migrate or transmigrate or
      pass into other bodies to which these life-atoms are attracted by
      similarity of development -- be these attractions high or low, and
      they are usually low, because their own evolutionary development is
      as a rule far from being advanced. Nevertheless, it should be
      remembered that these life-atoms compose man's inner -- and outer --
      vehicles or bodies, and that in consequence there are various grades
      or classes of these life-atoms, from the physical upwards (or inwards
      if you please) to the astral, purely vital, emotional, mental, and
      psychical. This is, in general terms, the meaning of transmigration.
      The word means no more than the specific senses just outlined, and
      stops there. But the teaching concerning the destiny of the entity is
      continued and developed in the doctrine pertaining to the word

      WW Transmigration The subject is so difficult for the reason that it
      touches upon esoteric matters, and there is a great deal that cannot
      be said for reasons I think should be obvious to you all. But this
      much it will be proper to say: first, transmigration in one or
      another form was recognized by all the ancient world, in the sense
      that there is a close relationship between the 'souls' of all beings
      lower than man, commonly set forth under the saying the 'animal
      world' -- and this belief also includes the vegetable and the
      mineral. The popular conception of transmigration, as we explained at
      our first class, is that if a man does not reincarnate in a human
      body, he may, according to the unworthy life he may have led in a
      previous existence, find his next embodiment in an animal form. As we
      then remarked, that was what is called the so-called Pythagorean idea
      of metempsychosis, which however, was denounced by several of the
      most prominent ancient philosophers, as absurd, or ludicrous, or
      impossible. Syrianus, Iamblichus, Porphyry, Plotinus, Proclus,
      Hierocles, Plutarch the biographer, and indeed all the Neo-Platonic
      school refused to accept the so-called Pythagorean metempsychosis,
      that is to say, as it has been misunderstood in Christian times. Yet
      each and every one of these philosophers, and, as I have said, the
      whole of the ancient world, and the vast majority of mankind today,
      believe that there is a relation between the soul of man after death
      and the kingdoms of nature below man.

      Now there is a certain truth in transmigration, using the word in its
      popular and misunderstood sense of the soul of man passing over or
      transmigrating into animals. It is this: the Higher Triad, that is to
      say Atma-Buddhi-Manas, can under no circumstances incarnate in an
      animal (sub-human) body; with one exception -- and I touch on this
      most reluctantly -- where it is conceivable that one of the Teachers
      or some other perfected being belonging to mankind, might under
      extraordinary circumstances find it advisable or necessary to enter
      an animal body. It is, however, an almost unheard-of and
      inconceivable probability, but it is a possibility; it can be done.

      The lower quaternary, or the inferior four principles composing Man,
      is animal in its nature. At death it breaks up and goes to pieces, as
      the body breaks up and goes to pieces, returning the elements of
      which it was composed to the earth, to the astral world, and to the
      lower manasic sphere, from each of which it drew its respective
      elements. But those elements have been somewhat individualized with
      the power, the dignity, the divinity of human thought; and that
      impress persists, remains on the elements which compose man's lower
      nature. These elements inform, that is to say ensoul, the lower
      creatures. The higher of these lower elements which made up the lower
      quaternary of man will form the souls of the higher animals; the
      middle will form the souls of animals inferior to those, and the
      lowest portions, the dregs of the lower quaternary, will go to form
      the sensitive parts of plants. This does not mean that animals have
      no principles in the sense of our seven principles, except such as
      are drawn from the human dross and dregs and lees, which man casts
      off or leaves behind him after death. But the animals, the plants,
      even the mineral, draw this in; they aspire toward them. There is an
      old saying that the Gods eat men, live on men. We aspire to the Gods,
      to the spiritual beings higher than ourselves in the universe. From
      them we get our higher principles, from them we draw our inspiration,
      flashes of intuition, impulses to good; our moral sense is
      strengthened. In other words, everything which is higher than
      ourselves is like sunlight to us, enlightening us on our forward way
      as we progress; we live in the light of those who have gone beyond
      us. Even so are we gods to the lower creatures, strengthening them,
      leading them upward, feeding them, as it were, on what we have left
      behind. Therefore the coarse, ignorant, evil life which some men may
      have led stamps the atoms of his lower nature with a coarse, evil,
      and bestial impulse, and by a species of attraction, like to like,
      they seek out and are sought out by creatures similar to themselves.

      SD INDEX Transmigration. See also Reincarnation
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