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Re: [Gnosticism2] evolutions latest twist

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  • alexis johnson
    Hold it! Just what do you mean by schizophrenic ? This is the world talking...joke ;) I heard a quote in a movie that leaped out at me and stayed. It was
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 10, 2002

      Hold it! Just what do you mean by "schizophrenic"?  This is the world talking...joke ;)

      I heard a quote in a movie that leaped out at me and stayed.  It was from the movie "Swing Kids" about a boy in nazi-Germany deciding to break out of the box his government was building at that time. He was speaking to his friend, Tom, in the movie but he was also making his own decision.

      "You, Tom, are not a murderer.  You are not a toy."

      The demiurge would make us all murderers and toys.  The Gnostic position is to break out of that box.

      (Where is Flagg?)


       karl_marxiii wrote:

      Psico abble dabble unknowable unknown annie and clarabel sadly
      outgrown childish belief thwarted warted taught caught bought short-
      changed rearranged deciphered decieved rewritten relieved.

      I think the spark that is in us is pure, i think the world corrupts
      by its schizophrenic habits

      i think the just are psychically imprisoned the free are powerless by
      choice who defined these definitions who spoke with violent lies took
      power long ago

      mental life anybody wanna dance?
      looking at u too beautiful!?
      I'm a manwoman seeking a womanman

      redefine gender surrender pretend there's an end to personal missions
      if not the forever

      all i know is all i see
      all i see is a side of an infinite sided dice

      but the heart of the dice?  stay where you are you'll find it one day.

      Knowing the truth about death would be like knowing what you're going
      to get for christmas, only it's much much better i promise u ok?

      dyspeptic sceptics forget me and correct this erase this dismay this
      and don't ever say this you won't ever sway this so don't understand
      this its ok touch just a latenight brainwave flicker pause flicker
      pause santa claus for dinner in-laws bicker sticker mcvicker quicker
      slicker slick slicker

      gnosis ina mo sis this was mine halleluhah tallulah coming through
      the center world bursts like a seed like jack and the beanstalk in
      truth and in deed walk tall be a fool but a nice fool don't build
      walls don't oppress and kill life and every little things gonna be
      alright on the other side with the light in your eyes from your eyes
      to your navel out your ears in mine eyes eaze inside don't care can't
      hide apathy begins nowhere leave it there care but care nicely twice
      nightly still scared of the knife we fear prescribed fears but
      politely golightly the holly and ivy still love thee and like thee
      they told me they're just hiding cause they feel so unsightly sleep
      well wash so u don't smell tell me what u can't tell your telly 


      don't fight

      independently free

      don't agree












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