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  • beautiful2afault
    The Christian myths are derived from the Gnostic myths. The Christian myths, to a great extent, are the Gnostic myths turned inside out. In the Gnostic
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 9, 2002
      The Christian myths are derived from the Gnostic myths.

      The Christian myths, to a great extent, are the Gnostic myths turned
      inside out.

      In the Gnostic tradition, creation of the phenomenal world was
      carried out by rogue deity. As a result, it is flawed in its very
      essence. To the Gnostics, the god of the Old Testament is
      this "demiurge". This god keeps the divine spirit trapped in matter
      for it's own purposes. The world did not degenerate as a result of
      the "Fall" rather the world was created by a flawed being, was at
      it's inception flawed, and the "Fall" was in actuality the first step
      taken to "save" the spirits (ie you and me) who were imprisoned by
      the demiurge.

      The reality of the "transcendent emanation", (aka Deity) and our
      connection to it, is by these means kept hidden from the individual
      to the extent that the individual is distracted by the phenomenal.
      This god, or demiurge, is the cosmic equivalent of a supernatural
      dictator who keeps the mind (= "spirit") enslaved with dogma, and
      demands absolute belief. Anyone who doesn't believe him goes to hell
      (the supernatural equivalent of the concentration camp).

      The Gnostic interpretation of the Garden myth similarly turns the
      mainstream Christian interpretation on it's ear. During the creation,
      the Deity contrived to have the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil
      placed in the world. It's emissary, the "snake", informs the proto-
      humans of this and convinces them to partake of the fruit of this
      tree. This "fruit" served to clear the mind which was obscured by the
      flawed creation.

      The Gnostics hold that the divine spark exists in all humans. This
      spark originates from, and in fact is an inextricable part of, Deity.
      It is through this that one can have direct knowledge (Gnosis) of
      Deity. Christians and Gnostics come closer together in their
      interpretation of Christ. While it is true that many Gnostic groups
      believe that Christ was a man who was an inspired teacher, other also
      believe that he was a direct emissary of Deity (kinda like the snake)
      who was commissioned to aid humans in their quest to escape their

      Of course, the first order of business is to inform people that they
      were in prison.

      Once the Church became an organized entity, gnosticism was declared a
      heresy and all those to thought along these lines were killed. The
      Albegenisian Crusade, the *only* Crusade to take place entirely in
      Europe, was undertaken to specifically root out pockets of Gnostic
      thought. Since dogma is one of the primary tools of the demiurge, it
      is not unreasonable that such a measure was taken.

      None of these myths are true in the sense of being factual. Many of
      these interpretations predate Christianity so in on sense,
      Christianity is the anti-religion with respect to Gnosticism.

      Gnostic thought has influenced many: William Blake, Phillip K Dick,
      and Borges to name but a few.

      It has also infiltrated popular culture, most recently with the movie
      The Matrix.

      Lies and truth and a world turned upside down.
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