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Re: selectsmart test

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  • lady_caritas
    ... page and ... Well, Klaus, I took the quiz and ended up with the same results as you and John. Gnostic faith ? lol Also, the first statement which
    Message 1 of 5 , Aug 22 10:17 AM
      --- In gnosticism2@y..., pessy@c... wrote:
      > eris never died. writes:
      > >
      > > the link you posted didnt work though, i had to go to the main
      page and
      > > snoop around through the links, and close about 50 popup ads :)
      > someone corrected the link a few posts ago.
      > i use a textbrowser, so i don't get the popup ads
      > There are more tests about belief systems on that site,
      > even a second one involving gnosticism,
      > my result was:
      > 1. traditional xtian gnostic
      > 2. gnostic
      > 3. modern age xtian gnostic
      > 4. mainstream xtian
      > 5. fundie xtian
      > there's no explanation of the result given by the testmaker,
      > so i'm trying to figure out by trial and error,
      > how the testmaker defines modern age vs. traditional xtian gnostics
      > Klaus Schilling

      Well, Klaus, I took the quiz and ended up with the same results as
      you and John. Gnostic "faith"? lol Also, the first statement which
      reads, "I believe in spiritual entropy, that at the beginning there
      was an original spiritual being that came to be split into multiple
      beings," certainly is different from Hoeller's point ("What is a
      Gnostic?"), "The Gnostics posited an original spiritual unity that
      came to be split into a plurality." I had a problem with the
      terminology "spiritual being." But then, I won't be picky. The quiz
      was interesting in that at least it would separate those who had more
      of a general familiarity and agreement with historical Gnosticism
      from those don't.

      Oh, BTW, Klaus, I took that second test, too
      (http://www.selectsmart.com/FREE/select.php?client=christgnostic ).
      The creator of the test apparently claims to be able to categorize us
      according to the designations you wrote. I received the same order
      of the five categories that you did. A note did say that in the rank
      system, "#1 equals your best match." The first three listed were
      linked to Gnostic sites, while the last two (Christian) were not (why
      bother, eh? lol). So, I wonder how this tester differentiates
      between the first two categories, "traditional Christian Gnostic"
      and "Gnostic"? And what on earth is a "modern age Christian
      Gnostic"? For that matter, we've even been discussing in our group
      whether we should use the term "Gnostic" at all. lol

      Well, I'm not going to lose any sleep over this fun nonsense.
      Amazing what we can find on the web. ;-)

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