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Mystical Appearance by The Christ July 25th

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  • awaken999
    Spread the Good News! Jesus the Christ appeared last month to the Keeper of the Christ Light . Jesus appeared and approved the release of the Secrets of
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 10, 2002
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      Spread the Good News! Jesus the Christ appeared last month to
      the "Keeper of the Christ Light". Jesus appeared and approved the
      release of the "Secrets of Christ's Light". This means the ancient
      knowledge and techniques of the early Christians, which enabled the
      Personal Ascensions into Heaven of many people, from the days when
      Jesus the Christ walked upon the earth are now available to all who
      are ready to receive Christ's Light. All who are ready, should also be
      ready to dedicate their "free" time, that is their time not spent
      with family or work related activities, to dedicate their free time
      to the service of God and in the service of the Christ by assisting
      and helping others. In this practical manner, Christ's Light then
      flows unceasingly into their lives and the lives of those around them.

      Nine hundred years ago, Jesus appeared to a group of 9 Christian
      knights who had dedicated their lives to prayer, meditation and the
      helping of others. Jesus asked if they would become the
      living "Keepers of the Christ Light". They agreed and were instantly
      blessed by Jesus with the Christ Light. Thus it came to be that in
      1118, nine spiritual warriors of Christ's Light traveled on a
      secret and sacred mission to the Holy Land of Palestine. Once in
      Palestine, they had been directed by Jesus to go to one specific
      location. Jesus then appeared to them at the location and showed them
      precisely where to dig, whereupon they unearthed the greatest of all
      treasures, the "Secrets of Christ's Light". They uncovered the
      priceless manuscripts containing the secret teachings, techniques and
      powers of Jesus the Christ. This information was recorded in complete
      purity, because it was actually written down during the days when
      Jesus the Christ walked the earth. In fact, Jesus himself reviewed
      the information and directed were it should be buried. The "greatest
      of all treasures" was itself buried within a treasure. All of the
      manuscripts were found buried inside the fabled Golden "Ark of
      the Covenant". And so began the incredible story of the Knights
      Templar and the "Keepers of the Christ Light".

      The Roman Church has distributed a lot of disinformation about the
      Knights Templar because the Knights Templar publicly challenged the
      Roman Church's version of Christ's teachings. The Knights Templar
      released as proof of their claims certain of the true teachings and
      techniques of Jesus. However, the then exceedingly corrupt Roman
      Universal Church, (the dictionaries list the meaning of
      Catholic as universal, thus the word Catholic has nothing to do with
      Jesus), issued orders to murder and torture to death all of the
      Knights Templar that papal troops could find throughout the mainland
      of Europe.

      Remnants of the Knights Templar fled to Scotland with the Ark because
      Scotland was the only European country not under the control of the
      Roman Church. In fact, the Scots had rebelled against the atrocities
      being committed in the name of Jesus by the Roman Church. Therefore,
      the Roman Emperor Pope had excommunicated the King of the Scots and
      all of Scotland from the Roman Universal Church. The
      remaining "Keepers of the Christ Light" dismantled the Golden Ark of
      the Covenant. The Ark was dismantled, melted down and the gold was
      used to build secret churches for the remaining "Christians of the
      Christ Light" who daily practiced and prayed using the secret
      techniques of Christ's Light. These few were all who survived the
      Roman Church's Catholic Inquisitions. All of the books about Jesus'
      techniques and teachings were then destroyed after being memorized
      by the "Keepers of the Christ Light". In this manner, the secret
      knowledge, teachings, techniques and powers of Jesus the Christ have
      been carefully guarded throughout the centuries with the very lives
      of many of the "Keepers" and secretly transferred from generation to
      generation. Many Keepers have been murdered and tortured through the
      centuries as the forces of darkness have repeatedly tried to obtain
      the powers described in the true teachings of Jesus the Christ. (In
      fact the current Keeper's grandfather was killed when the Keeper's
      father was only 9. In addition, several attempts have been made on
      the life of the current Keeper the first beginning when he was a
      teenager. A Los Angeles leader of the dark forces ordered his
      followers to kill the Keeper, when the current Keeper was 17. The
      current Keeper had begun working anonymously as a welder at age 16 in
      a sheet metal factory. Thus, the current Keeper started moving and
      changing careers at a relatively young age in order to keep and
      preserve the knowledge of the Christ Light given to him by his father
      at a very young age.) The Keepers left Scotland in 1669 and migrated
      to North America. The Keepers and their family members, including
      George Washington, were instrumental in the formation of the United
      States of America in 1776.

      On July 25th, 2002 Jesus the Christ appeared to the current Keeper.
      Jesus told him, "These are the End Times". Jesus then explained that
      the Keeper was hereby authorized to release the secret teachings and
      techniques for "Receiving Christ's Light", to "those who are ready
      with eyes that see or ears that hear".

      An internet website is now being prepared. Certain people have
      already been secretly trained over the years so they would be ready
      to impart these special techniques, prayers and teachings of Jesus
      to "those who are ready". These teachers have been trained for the
      last 5 years in secret worldwide locations by the current Keeper of
      Christ's Light. These special teachers are now prepared to
      teach those who are ready to receive the wondrous techniques of
      Christ's Light, for it is standing in Christ's Light which creates
      the "Rapture". As Jesus has announced, and your own news
      organizations are telling you, these are the "End
      Times". Thus, the time has arrived for the true techniques and
      teachings of Jesus to be released, so that "those who are ready" may
      go into the Rapture and Ascend with the Christ very soon, perhaps
      late this year, but most probably near the end of 2003!

      To be placed on our mailing list for more information email us at

      Special meetings will be held to teach the Christ Light techniques at
      secret locations to those who are ready. If you feel you are ready,
      email us with the name of your city and country and we will notify
      you when a meeting will be held in your area. Send your emails to
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