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  • wilbro99
    Sorry about the site reference. It seems to be empty. Google up gnosticism, varieties and find the lost sheep site (about 7th down). ... realization ...
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 10, 2002
      Sorry about the site reference. It seems to be empty. Google up
      "gnosticism, varieties" and find the "lost sheep" site (about 7th

      --- In gnosticism2@y..., "wilbro99" <wilbro99@y...> wrote:
      > Hi Flag, I come in peace, as usual. I am still crawling through the
      > web in search of a picture of what Gnosticism is. As is my wont, I
      > always decide that the picture I cobble together is only that, a
      > picture, then take it apart and start over. There is always that
      > little glow that comes with a completed picture before the
      > sets in, so I go for the glow.
      > Perhaps what intrigues me about the Gnostic notion is that it
      > parallels the ploy I came up with to confound the Christian notion
      > that the Bible meant what it said, being the word of God. This was
      > before I ever heard of Gnosticism. Generally, I would tell them that
      > the Bible was written by the Devil as a way to relieve his boredom.
      > was all a scam. The God in the book was to hold the truth and the
      > Devil was to try to take that truth away. He created people so that
      > could play the game. My question to any and all objections given
      > "That's exactly what the Devil wants you to believe." Great fun,
      > especially with the door to door God sellers.
      > Anyway, I ran across the following site that gave me what I thought
      > was the best picture of Gnosticism so far. How does it fit, or not
      > fit, with your Big G picture?
      > http://www.apocryphile.net/homily/sermons/heresy3.pdf
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