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Fw: [gnosis284] Questions (and answers) of spiritual reality.

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    ... From: rwr To: gnosis284@yahoogroups.com Sent: Friday, August 09, 2002 3:15 PM Subject: [gnosis284] Questions (and answers) of spiritual reality. Tobey
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      From: rwr
      Sent: Friday, August 09, 2002 3:15 PM
      Subject: [gnosis284] Questions (and answers) of spiritual reality.

      Tobey Writes.... [ Humor is an important part of life and a great healer.  It has many forms and forums.]
      For once I find myself in agreement with you Sir Tobey.  A little laughter mixed with the tears of pain, and the tears of joy, and with serious debate on occasions, and with your kids and animals, ah, how tragic life would be without the power to laugh and enjoy.
      Tobey goes on.... [ It's my view that Gnositicism was one incarnation of an advanced spiritual teaching which has been presented repeatedly in history, by the Mahanta, in many forms.  From each of these teachings the originators withdraw when the teaching has been so co-opted by intellectuals, priests, politicians,  acedemics and clowns that it  can no longer serve its purpose - guiding Soul back to God to become Self Realized, then to realize Its true destiny as a co-worker with God, manifesting by direct experience Divine Love. ]
      For twice I find myself in agreement - with the exception of a few words.  Could I take the liberty of saying what you have just said but in my own words. (Dunno what Mahanta is by the way). Hope you do not mind my taking the liberty......
      Experience has revealed to me that dialogue and writing on the mystical gnosis is not only true of human experience (albeit rare) but it is always there, from the beginning unto the end.  The distortion of the facts of the phenomena (and the actual gnosis), by scribes with no direct knowledge of it, renders such bibliography next to useless.  But each generation contains its observers and the knowledge of self and remembrance of the divine order is renewed and re-written, again and again, and in the words of the experiencer and his or her nationality.  And in both the experience of that ground of being, and the gnosis which we have therein, in that peace which passes all understanding, we learn, or best say remember yet again, what we had forgotten on coming into this world - that we are the progeny and mini - co- creator, lover and dancing partner with the very essence and driving power of the cosmos of all existence, all time, and eternity. I Am the progeny of the mysterious no thing created: I am the light and the resurrection: in the beginning I was there, like a child in divine awe and wonder of the sight and the knowledge of the paradise of the eternal realm of beauty, truth, love and wisdom of the creative force; and which is our home; from whence we came to whither we return.  Life will reveal to those that feel; life will respond to those who ask; life will give to those who are open and willing to receive.  Life will pump love and wisdom through the incarnate mind that is empty enough to receive the flow and then let it flow through them into the world, and live not for themselves - but rather for the life force and the love of being.
      Tobey says... [ Gnosticism has its serious adherants ]  So it would seem.  But gnosis has its lovers and dancing partners also - they do not believe it, they know it and are living it; walking it and talking it; breathing it and exhaling it; living for it; dying for it.
      Where I disagree with you vehemently dear Tobey is in your assertion that spiritual things should be hidden from the mob; not spoken of openly in public.  Not so, Talk to them, tell them, open your heart and mind to them.  Many will abuse you, many will call you nuts, you may even encounter death threats (as have I), but none of it matters, for the truth is the truth is the truth. And moreover, even those that ridicule you have heard your words, read your poems. The concepts which you placed in their mind cannot be extracted from their minds, and the power of the word is is amazing. And how could Man die better than facing fearful odds for the .....  well you know the rest of that one eh.  The spirit does not recoil from being attacked and ridiculed, for the spirit is indomitable.
      True enough some people like to communicate with one in private, for some have both problems and questions which they do not wish to share with the world.  But for the general purpose of discussion on spiritual things - then go also where you are not wanted; open forums, anywhere.  Only a small fraction of my time is spent with mystics and gnostics.  Give me a list of materialists (and all the other names they go by) - and the fun begins.  And I tell you in all truth - you will make your scores there and hit gold on occasions. I know :- )))  As for anyone laughing at you and calling you a crap artists - HUH, big deal.  Maybe paradise does not invite whimps into its arena - the world is tough hard place eh; one has to be likewise.

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