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Re: been there,done that

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  • morphodyte
    Here we go again...sigh. ... The Gnosis is not enlightenment . Buddh - is not enlightenment . Maarifat is not enlightenment . Gnosticism is not about
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 25, 2002
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      Here we go again...sigh.


      The Gnosis is not 'enlightenment'. Buddh - is not
      Maarifat is not 'enlightenment'.

      Gnosticism is not about 'enlightenment'.

      In fact I do not know what is meant by 'enlightenment' ... a
      western construct that so many authors have impressed into the
      translation of Asian and Hellenistic mysticism that it is now
      virtually impossible to have any discourse without getting
      confused on what is actually meant in the original dialog.

      Buddhism, for example, the Buddha did not become
      'enlightened' - he became Awakened, which is Buddh. and
      Buddha means 'one who is awake'. People who are not awake
      are Abuddh - unawake.

      Gnosticism likewise is about Gnosis - the supreme knowledge
      of the Logos - has nothing to do with illumination or
      'enlightenment', people who lack this knowledge have agnosia.

      Sufism, tasawwuf, teaches Irfan - which is the direct knowledge
      of Allah without mediation - there is no 'enlightenment' there

      Kashmiri Shaivism teaches the Vijnanabharava - the jnana
      (gnosis) of the great Shiva - Bhairava - again, no enlightenment
      here either.

      So, where did the term enlightenment come from and why do so
      many use it as the standard by which spiritual maturity is judged
      - especially since the word itself is not part of the discourse in
      the traditions.


      --- In gnosticism2@y..., "shivalinga2002" <shivalinga2002@y...>
      > My map is showing communcation from God through the
      control over
      > nature,and human thought.
      > This map is giving enlightenment,showing God as a
      > erotic being.
      > Your search for truth in the varied gnostic traditions
      > is meant to bring you to the level to be able to appreciate
      > God as he/she really is,not simply some questionable
      > conception of a fuzzy unspecific type of diety.
      > If you are able,the truth will make it self known to you.
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