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    Absolutely. Actually, I see this as not only Valintinian, but essentially the nature of Gnosticism in general. While Sethians didn t seem to have the Bridal
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 21, 2002
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      Absolutely. Actually, I see this as not only Valintinian, but
      essentially the nature of Gnosticism in general. While Sethians
      didn't seem to have the Bridal Chamber, the basic soteriology is the
      same. Your point is well stated.


      --- In gnosticism2@y..., Coraxo <coraxo@e...> wrote:
      > Hi;
      > I wrote this on another club and I was wondering if there might be
      > feedback from you all concerning my take on valentinian Soteriology?
      > corax
      > --- In GnosticThought@y...,@a... wrote:
      > . Reguarding psychic and pnumatic salvation, is
      > > it the same salvation attained in different ways or does it state
      > that there
      > > are different levels of salvation. xxxxx
      > >
      > Hi xxxxx;
      > Actually salvation is not the same process for pneumatics and
      > psychics.
      > The Pneumatic is resurrected in this lifetime through his
      > understanding of the Gnosis. This is the enChristment of the
      > Psyche and its wedding in the Bridal Chamber to Christ.
      > Thus the salvation is not against the Devil or to God in Heaven
      > but the restoration of the Psyche inside of us all to its
      > with Pneuma.
      > From The Exegesis of the Soul;
      > "Now it is fitting that the soul regenerates herself and become
      > again as she formerly was. The soul then moves of her own
      > accord. And she received the divine nature from the father for her
      > rejuvenation, so that she might be restored to the place where
      > originally she had been. This is the resurrection that is from the
      > dead. This is the ransom from captivity. This is the upward
      > journey of ascent to heaven. This is the way of ascent to the
      > father. Therefore the prophet said (Psalms 103:1-5):
      > "Praise the lord, O my soul, and, all that is within me, (praise)
      > holy name. My soul, praise God, who forgave all your sins, who
      > healed all your sicknesses, who ransomed your life from death,
      > who crowned you with mercy, who satisfies your longing with
      > good things. Your youth will be renewed like an eagle's." "
      > Those who turn to the Law for salvation rest with the Deimurge
      > From Ireneaus:
      > "They conceive, then, of three kinds of men, spiritual, material,
      > and animal, represented by Cain, Abel, and Seth. These three
      > natures are no longer found in one person, but constitute various
      > kinds [of men]. The material goes, as a matter of course, into
      > corruption. The animal, if it make choice of the better part, finds
      > repose in the intermediate place; but if the worse, it too shall
      > pass into destruction. But they assert that the spiritual principles
      > which have been sown by Achamoth, being disciplined and
      > nourished here from that time until now in righteous souls
      > (because when given forth by her they were yet but weak), at last
      > attaining to perfection, shall be given as brides to the angels of
      > the Saviour, while the animal souls of necessity rest for ever with
      > the Demiurge in the intermediate place. And again subdividing
      > the animal souls themselves, they say that some are by nature
      > good, and others by nature evil. The good are those who
      > become capable of receiving the [spiritual] seed; the evil by
      > nature are those who are never able to receive that seed."
      > So the choic, who is unconcerned with good or evil and follows
      > the desires of animate nature unheeding of the call of the
      > Pneuma is cast away like chaff and burnt up by the Harvester,
      > not in eternal damnation, but simply done away with.
      > What say ye?
      > Corax
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