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Re: Cultural Imperialism

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  • ernststrohregenmantelrad
    ... that has ... via ... of ... whether or ... preparation ... meals. ... majority of ... about, ... and ... both ... women s issues. ... Frankly, I won t
    Message 1 of 3 , Jun 19, 2002
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      --- In gnosticism2@y..., lady_caritas <no_reply@y...> wrote:
      > (Felis, #6089)
      > "The following raises questions as to whether the existence
      that has
      > been foisted on Western women over the past quarter century
      > politically correct social engineering is a life that is the more
      > worth living."
      > "48 percent of working women would choose to be `a woman
      > leisure'"??
      > What's "a woman of leisure"? Women are always "working"
      whether or
      > not they have a career outside the home or not, right? :-)
      > I suppose a Manichean way of life might just have its benefits.
      > Gosh, a few melons and cucumbers could cut down on meal
      > time required for cooking all those "bad" meat and potato
      > And, "A full time nanny and a new man are a myth for the
      majority of
      > working women"? Well, hey, "myth" is what Gnostics are all
      > after all. Get a "new" Manichean "man" with his new vasectomy
      > you won't have to worry about hiring the full time nanny.
      > (Sorry about that. It's been a long day for me, too. lol)
      > Truthfully, this whole issue is a very difficult one. Have you met
      > many men who have sincerely worried at length about juggling
      > home and career duties? (With the exception of the fine,
      > compassionate men in this group who are sensitive to
      women's issues.
      > Ahem.) Still, … wouldn't want to trade places with any Middle
      > Eastern women.
      > Cari

      Frankly, I won't trade places with any womem..... well........
      ok not 100% on that but I don't if the "Weatern" women are more
      liberated then "Muslin" or other "eastern" women. Just because
      you don't wear a veil you are free and liberated. Supression
      comes in many formsespecially from corpolated controled
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