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[Gnosticism] Re: Non sequitor and the father in Gnosticism

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  • theecorax
    ... Thank you Terje for the brilliant exposition. My statement was meant to be rhetorical and a challenge to the belief in individualism , the concept that
    Message 1 of 19 , Jun 16, 2002
      --- In gnosticism2@y..., Terje Dahl Bergersen <terje@b...> wrote:

      > >The problem with Gnosticism is its position not only of the
      > >tripartite individual...an oxymoron really since how can an
      > >in-dividual be divided into 3 parts?...but also of a triplicity of
      > >humanity in which there ate the choic, the psychic and the
      > >pneumatic.
      > The way I view it, is that the tripartition of not only the
      > "Individual" but the entirety outside of the Pleroma -
      > rests on the creation myth which incorporates more than
      > one occasion/event of creation and moreover appears to have
      > more levels/dimensions than the one which is calculated with
      > in the Orthodox creation myth.
      > Man, for instance, is fashioned twice and "conceived" or
      > "brought into being" - three times - if the twofold
      > creation is taken into account.

      Thank you Terje for the brilliant exposition.

      My statement was meant to be rhetorical and a challenge to the
      belief in 'individualism', the concept that the human being is a
      singular locus of perception, thought, contrtol and action.

      I think your post addressed this modern misconception quite

      Caritas asked why some fail to heed the Gnostic call and I posit
      based on Gospel of Truth it is because of this total identification
      with the hylic sense of individuality, or what we call in modern
      terms, ego.

      Thi "i" is clearly not a single unitary self, just as the God cannot
      be seen to be a single unitary deity, but likewise appears
      fragmented in scripture, Old Testament, New and Quran.

      Which brings me to another question about kabbalah, which
      appears to deal with events after the tzimtzum and breaking of
      the vessels; analogous to the fall of Sophia, the partition into
      aAchamoth and the generation of the Demiurge.

      As such the problematic aspects of resolving the YHWH of
      Kabbalah with classical gnosticism which sees him as
      demiurge appears to be solved through realizing that the
      Sephiroth of the Etz Chaim are in fact Cosmic echoes of the
      pleromatic syzygies.

      It would seem to me that the process of Lurianic tikkun is
      orientated towards the rehabilitation of YHWH to the pleroma
      and the overcoming of his alienation from his mother Achamoth.
      While in the Apocryphon of John this deity proclaims 'I am God,
      there is no God but me' echoes of which are in the Decalogue
      and the Islamic shahadah, there are hints in these scriptures
      that this is a forgetful hypostasis of the Real, or the Father.

      At least this is my take on it so far.

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