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The Minnow; First Wake

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  • wilbro99
    In the wake of PMVC we find: You see, the Prime Source doesn t view . You seem to have the impression that the Prime Source (Bythos) is a being, like some
    Message 1 of 1 , May 24, 2002
      In the wake of PMVC we find: "You see, the Prime Source doesn't
      "view". You seem to have the impression that the Prime Source (Bythos)
      is a being, like some kind of God.... it isn't. You mention this as a
      "question that hasn't been answered", but it is difficult to answer
      since the question itself doesn't exactly make sense from the
      traditional Gnostic perspective. I did in fact attempt at one point to
      answer, I guess it just didn't come across right so I'll try again.
      The Prime Source is infinity, absolute infinity. Bythos does not hear,
      see, think, feel, provide, love, punish, dictate, create, or even
      interact, it is not a "who". I guess that that removes one half of
      your question, and thus answers it."

      Oh mighty minnow of outlandishly large teeth, let us bow before the
      god of causality, created by the if/then necessary for us lowly
      minions to reason our way through the fact of the finding ourselves in
      being. It is that necessary source that allows the causal to continue
      as a viable form of reasoning, a necessary source that first must be
      imagined, then imagined as beyond imagination. When the act of
      imagination comes to an end, that place is then imagined to be that
      place where the god of causality hangs out; we have returned to the
      source, that depthless depth from which all emanates, the eternal
      primal Being, aka, absolute infinity.

      That is a whale of a tale. This toothless denizen of the deep holds
      that there is another side to that coin, the acausal. On that side of
      the coin, the eternal primal being is not necessary. Thus, another
      either/or takes shape in which the two sides are related
      disjunctively. The fact that the other side of this one can not be
      imagined could only show that imagination is, in fact, limited. The
      attempt to imagine the timeless in terms of beginning and ending leads
      the imagination to an expansive movement, and the attempt to imagine
      absolutely nothing leads the imagination to find the end of something,
      which again is an expansive movement, only this time, spatial. The
      limit of imagination leads us to imagine an absolute infinity. Isn't
      that a hoot?

      Let that be the first wake. The minnow places everything in the Either
      and neglects the Or. The Great Disjunction has spoken. There are three
      more wakes to follow.
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