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Books--Early Christianity

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  • gerryhsp
    >>You wrote:�����You mean you aim to tell me what some lib�����ral Jew professor thinks about the true beginnin����� o�����
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 18, 2002
      >>You wrote:�You mean you aim to tell me
      what some lib�ral Jew professor thinks about the true
      beginnin� o� Chrischeeanity�?�<<<br><br>Oh, my! And
      that didn�t even come from the post I thought most
      likely to get misinterpreted. LOL<br><br>I agree with
      you, of course, Dan, and I haven�t even met that
      acquaintance of yours. I hoped to insert enough dialectal
      inflection in that last sentence to make it clear that one
      would associate the identity of the speaker with any
      hypothetical, bumpkin fundamentalist�and not with yours
      truly.<br><br>I actually think very highly of Richard E.
      Rubenstein. It would likely take no more than that surname,
      though, to provoke that knee-jerk reaction, which I tried
      to exemplify, in some Christian fundies. They
      wouldn�t care that the man writes very well and teaches
      Conflict Resolution and Public Affairs at George Mason
      University. They would simply see horns and cloven feet�the
      murderer of their Lord Jeeeeeeezus. Hence, my wondering if
      I might find other books, equally enlightening, but
      which might not start out so quickly dismissed by those
      for whom a Jewish name pushes their hate buttons. Ya
      just can�t think clearly when that darned hate
      button�s activated.<br><br>If you come across _When Jesus
      Became God_, do check out the preface to see why
      Rubenstein chose to write on the beginnings of Christianity.
      Very nice.<br><br>Thanks for your other picks, Dan. I
      already got the e-book you mentioned ages ago. I had
      opted to print the thing out (took a lot of paper!),
      but seldom take it out now as it hasn�t held up too
      well in the binder I made for it. I�ll have to look
      for Chidester�s book. With any luck, I should have a
      chance next week.<br><br>Gerry
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