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Re: Gospel of Thomas not Gnostic???

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  • ErnstStrohregenmantelrad
    >>>At this point you might accuse me of �����reading the GTh through Valentinian eyes.����� And to be sure, I�����m reading from a translation of the
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 11, 2002
      >>>At this point you might accuse me of
      �reading the GTh through Valentinian eyes.� And to be
      sure, I�m reading from a translation of the Coptic
      version (the only known version that includes the full
      text). But other possible *full* versions with less
      �Christological speculation� are indeed not extant, since only
      three manuscripts of the original Greek text survive.
      We can at least surmise that there was more than one
      ancient edition of this work.<br><br>And if you read what
      I wrote, I am not talking about the present Coptic
      version found in Nag Hammadi specially. I did state
      clearly that that version has "Gnostic redaction" or
      something like "redaction by a Gnostic scribe" You see, I
      was looking at the GTh as the list of sayings along
      with other "lost" sayings which the scholars called
      Q<br><br>>>>Nonetheless, Ernst, whether or not one wants to consider GTh
      �Gnostic� or not, my main point was and is that to base
      this decision on that fact the GTh doesn�t have
      elaborate Christology including death and resurrection is
      questionable, as per my argument above. We see both adoptionist
      and docetic interpretations in
      Valentinianism.<<<<br><br>Please look at my rely above. We see both adaptinalist
      and docetic in Valentinianism because AS I POSTULATE:
      nutshell, but it is of course more complicated then
      that)<br><br>>>>I suppose we might wonder if a Christology is even
      endemic to a proper concept of Gnosticism, even though we
      see scriptures coming down to us in a Christianized
      (of course not necessarily meaning �orthodox�
      Christianized) form.<<<<br><br>As long as a group uses
      the figure of Christ in soterology then no matter how
      one sees it, Christology is important.
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