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Re: Gospel of Thomas not Gnostic???

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  • ErnstStrohregenmantelrad
    Reply to Cari s post #5626 >>>Hello, Terje. Just a note to support your comments regarding salvation ~ Ernst mentions... ...why do
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 8, 2002
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      Reply to Cari's post
      #5626<br><br><br>>>>Hello, Terje.<br>Just a note to support your comments
      regarding salvation ~ <br>Ernst mentions... ...why do you
      (the intellect) not examine your own self and see that
      you have arisen?�<<<<br><br>>>>So,
      to state �the GTh has no elaborate Christological
      speculation as soteriology� seems a bit
      premature.<<<<br><br>But what you did here is read backwards the GTh from
      the above-mentioned Valentinan texts. Therefore, you
      are, reading the GTh through Valentinian eyes. Again,
      Valentinans do have elaborate speculation. The only
      difference I see (apart from details on cosmology) is that
      "orthodox" tends to view the salvafic role of Christ as the
      literal historical truth whereas Valentinian as not. But
      they both had this role for Christ playing his
      salvaficatory function.<br><br>>>> In addition to
      Terje�s comments, we certainly see the theme of
      �acquaintance� available in our present lives in this collection
      of sayings, such as in Logions 3 and 113, which seem
      to agree with Valentinian
      theology.<<<<br><br>Again, Valentinians were the outgrowth of the group that
      produced GTh so many saying is indeed congenial to
      Valentinians.<br> <br>>>>So, I remain unconvinced that an
      �elaborate� Christology emphasizing death and resurrection is
      necessary, except as a way of symbolic
      illustration.<<<<br> <br>And even as symbolic illustration - mythology
      in Joseph Campbell sense - the GTh is vague on that.
      And later Gnostics did have that "elaborate"
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