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Re: Gospel of Thomas not Gnostic???

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  • TerjeDB
    The Message of the Gospel is Gnostic because it discusses ultimate origin and ultimate destiny (or rather ideal goal) as a return to an original order which
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 6, 2002
      The Message of the Gospel is "Gnostic" because it
      discusses ultimate origin and ultimate destiny (or rather
      ideal goal) as a return to an original order which is
      *not* identical with the world as the senses describes
      them; it discusses not salvation by the sacrifice of
      the blood of the innocent - which is the
      Judeo-Christian answer to all problems, at least at the time
      contemporary to the redaction of GTh - but by
      recognition<br>and understanding, this recognition transforms and
      purifies in itself - and brings "life eternal" (GTh: He
      that understands the meaning of these words will have
      life eternal).<br>The Jesus character of the GTh is
      one who is "living" and who "measures out a living
      stream" - he that drinks this, becomes paradoxically both
      intoxicated/full - and sober/empty. He transforms his Being
      according to the uniform pattern of "the Light", which is
      his origin, which "moves" and have "rest" within him
      - making "that which is interior like unto that
      which is exterior", and vice versa. moreover - he
      transforms gender as realities, so his anatomy no longer has
      the likeness of either "Adam" nor "Eve" - thus he
      casts off his "parents" which he has learned to be
      dispassionate about.<br><br>The Christianity from which such a
      "Gospel" issues forth must be oriented towards
      "understanding" and "recognition", towards a Gnosis (knowing)
      whose effect upon the Soul is transformation,
      transfiguration and "life eternal". Knowing a little bit about
      Church history I must say that it appears to me that the
      main writers of the "orthodox" tradition - polemized
      and fought against such a faith/orientation, rather
      than embraced it. <br>GTh could not have appealed to
      anyone but - "Gnosis-oriented" christians, call them
      "Gnostics" if you like. Whereas not actually betraying
      overtly association with the core Mythos of "Gnosticism"
      - its appeal, its message, its instruction - would
      be compatible with most variants of it; even the
      libertine, which is the "opposite" of the milieu the GTh
      material comes from. <br><br>the Role of being "He that
      measures out" - Jesus is presented as the bringer of the
      salvific Gnosis, so I disagree about it having no
      christological speculation at its core; the issue of "only
      Saviour" is not addressed, because it is taken as a given
      - the GTh purpourts to be - an truely Esoteric and
      "Apocryphal" (Hidden) account of the most intimate exchange
      between Jesus and his disciples -which is also the case
      for the first 2 books of the Pistis Sophia.
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