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Re: Usurped?

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  • TerjeDB
    What does alive imply? The Mandaeans, who have been called the last remaining Gnostic religion by scholars such as Kurt Rudolph and Hans Jonas -
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 20, 2002
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      What does "alive" imply?<br><br>The Mandaeans,
      who have been called "the last remaining Gnostic
      religion" by scholars such as Kurt Rudolph and Hans Jonas -
      address Divinity (the centre of Being, which is its
      origin,its source and its ultimate reality) as Hayyi - Life,
      or "Great Life" - the greeting of the Mandeans goes
      "And Life (God) is Victorious" or "In the Name of the
      Great Life (God)". Hawa, the Aramaic and probably
      pre-hebraic name for the Eve of Semittic myth and the old
      testament - points towards her being "the mother of all
      living (men/women)".<br>Life is the marrow as well as
      the breath - what is "at rest" (it not being "death"
      since death is the continual regurgitation of matter
      and spirit into form and predicament..not in any way
      "resting" )<br>and what is "in motion" (im referring to the
      identification of "The Sign of the Father in Us" as given by
      Jesus in the Gospel of Thomas "It is a Movement and
      Repose"); however, what is called by name and by concept
      "Life" might not authentically be alive or living - or
      even associateable with Life in any real sense - what
      is called "God", the Gnostic would imply, might not
      authentically even have existence - or if it has existence,
      might not fully carry the name with any right or
      justification apart from the claim (the half-mover, the
      demiurge- in the Gnostic scriptures are said to have
      proclaimed "I am God and there is none beside or above me";
      in Gnostic exegesis this claim is an arrogant sin
      against the entirety, a sin, to wit, because the "missing
      of the target" is verily to be ignorant of "existing
      things" ) - likewise, what lays claim upon "Light", might
      be very dark indeed - and so forth..<br><br>But what
      do you mean with God and Life - if you refer to dead
      concepts - and names which neither in the intuitive,
      aesthetic or emotional sense possess *meaning*, *relevance*
      nor *sense of reality* - they do not possess anything
      - neither authentic life nor authentic
      death.<br>They are as "images in a dream" - in the same flux as
      the product which is a person so long as she has not
      awakened to her own.<br><br>As regards the demiurge - He
      is very much alive, the myth of Man�s
      creation/construction as a mortal "creature" tells us how Sophia tricks
      Ialdabaoth to breathe into Adam his power so that his
      creature might live - this checks out, but only after the
      power which he has arrogated to himself from her,
      dislodges and becomes a part of his creature; moreover, the
      Man, Adam, receives himself a portion of the Demiurge,
      and becomes as much a son of him as he becomes a
      child of Sophia and through Her the offspring or child
      of the Pleroma (Fullness).<br>The landscape of
      Gnosticism is irrefutably and irreversibly Mythological -
      here Archetypes not only have allegorical and
      potentional existence, but the breath of our breath, the
      spark of our wit and the moisture of our tragedy..
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