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Re: Suicide

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    Greetings Thethreemothers , welcome to the club. This first thing to learn about Gnostics is that they don t all agree... never have. There are not
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 10, 2002
      Greetings "Thethreemothers", welcome to the
      club.<br><br>This first thing to learn about Gnostics is that they
      don't all agree... never have. There are not very many
      tenents that you can take as a definitive "Gnostic"
      belief, the way you can with "Christianity" (Though there
      are some. Also, not every one here is technically
      "Gnostic", or even claims to be so) This includes the belief
      that the world is "evil". To be sure, many Gnostics
      see the world that way, but not all. <br><br>While
      not all Gnostics are world haters, they do all view
      the world as inferior to the spirit. The world is
      seen in a fallen state, which is not the same as
      "evil". This however in no way implies that one should
      leave the world before they are ready.<br><br>Let me
      ask you a question. Do you feel have Gnosis? Have you
      attained the full level of enlightenment that you can
      possibly hope to achieve in the world? How can a person
      say when that has happened? Whenever you make an
      important choice, it is wise to know as much as you
      possibly can on the subject. You are talking about a
      choice that we have no guarentee that we will get more
      than once. And yet, every minut of life holds the
      possibility of more info on the subject of life, so it would
      sound foolish to say "ok, I have enough now" at any
      given time.<br><br>Traditionally, most Greek
      philosophical strains (which is what Gnosticism is) were
      accepting of the notion of suicide *in particular
      circumstances*, not for mere selfish reasons. While there is no
      punnishment for such an act, there is also no reward for
      those who have left the world before they have
      discovered salvation... which to Gnostics comes in the form
      of the special understanding we
      seek.<br><br>>>>We put our pets to sleep when they get very sick
      because we love them.<<<<br><br>We also allow
      people to sign wavers so that we can "pull the plug"
      when it seems right.<br><br>PMCV
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