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Re: Suicide

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  • djzito
    Here is a reply to the worldview issue that also applies here...I ll use the shield of opinion so none can retort what I ve perceived as fact. Hence, in my
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 9, 2002
      Here is a reply to the "worldview" issue that
      also applies here...I'll use the shield of opinion so
      none can retort what I've perceived as fact. Hence, in
      my opinion, wich I base on experience, this world is
      a refreshing way-station. It,(or she as I would
      say)is in need of help and constant reparation...these
      "imperfections" are by cause of our disposition. An existance is
      pivoted ,I've learned, via Urim-Thunim...the use of or
      trial and error of personal development(solve et
      coagula) relies on integrity as paramount. Here upon this
      defined 3D clock I have recalled, I am, and I plan. The
      imperfection theory can become a format of disdain and/or self
      -aggrandization(wich unchecked can lead to justified suicide).My
      objectivity does'nt allow such doctrine. I base my opinion as
      it stands on experience thank you. ZitO :) <br> To
      reiterate in a fashion...I would not follow for example a
      stock broker who leaves on the account of numbers. From
      experience death is ever so present that the selfish
      summoning would not justify the means on a basis of self
      awareness nor the wieght of ones heart. Age and aging is
      met with grace and endeavors based on
      integrity...hence my plite requires my participation within The
      Book of Life. I have a percentage in the dialogue of
      the chapters of this book...but <br>it is <br>not my
      right to pre-empt the plot...as the story continues.
      Death is niether bad nor good...it's an inevidable
      transition that accompanies us and awaits us all according
      to her/his mystic schedule. Death sort of frowns
      upon those who pop into her/his office saying "Im'
      ready to work."...When she/he picks his/her employees
      accordingly. Think befor taking any leap... ZitO
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