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  • TerjeDB
    People most explicitly do not wish to carry the burden of being _individuals_ , because individuals have the responsibility of fulfilling the internal
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 8, 2002
      "People" most explicitly do not wish to carry the
      burden of being _individuals_ , because individuals have
      the responsibility of fulfilling the internal
      Universe - so from Kenoma and meaninglessness, weakness
      and a certain tone of self-deceit - it becomes the
      fullness which is the desire of its heart and the
      forgotten and repressed knowledge of its eternal
      soul.<br>Neither recognition of external authorities which "knows
      the good" on behalf of the individual, nor an
      exclusive emphasis on the *current* state of the soul
      having spiritual and moral authority.. can bring out any
      good, rather they are _solutions_ which will ease and
      comfort as long as they anesthesize the soul for its
      agonies..<br>2000 years or more, of cultural indoctrination, not
      only in the West but simultaneously in the East (!) -
      has awarded us with the superstition that everything,
      absolutely everything, is subject to Negotiation and some
      kind of Legal process.. Our superstition runs deep,
      because even the obvious deficiencies and the actual
      impotence of such Law.<br><br>Your list of subconscious
      ..indwellings.. deities (I am not berating them as such, because
      we all have them, they just answer to different
      names and have different relations to the
      "outside")<br>is quite varigated
      <Tarot,Physics,Procreation,aliens..the universe and everything> - I am sure Ms.Brown
      will already have served you a stew, but I am also
      quite sure that this stew were seasoned quite expertly
      so ingesting it will be easy to do..If you look at
      the older posts, you can even search after Sylvia
      Brown in the subjects of this club - you will find that
      this club was not actually intended to be a Novus
      Spiritus Gnosticism club, but one which investigated
      classic and historical Gnosticism...<br>this is
      excruciatingly difficult because when it comes down to it, the
      debate even involves if there is or was a phenomenon
      which fits the scholars description of "Gnosticism" at
      all..<br><br>As for Metaphorical Bible(s):<br><br>It is far too
      easy to allegorize and interpretate for the purpouse
      of lightening and easing the entry of cultural
      constructs into the consciousness of modern man. These
      constructs, these "knots" - are themselves active and very
      real within the less "reasonable" and "logical"
      compartments of the Psyche, however - it is much more
      comfortable to deal with them as abstract,impersonal and
      basically powerless products of the vulgar imagination.
      Thinking they do not have any true bearing upon us, no
      authority - they come to have significant influence and
      power over our unconscious.
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