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  • princessfrances_90802
    OK .... Here goes .... Hope you don t mind my rambleings ..... One night after work I was dancing around my house, listening to music singing and
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 6, 2002
      OK ....<br>Here goes ....<br>Hope you don't mind
      my rambleings .....<br><br>One night after work I
      was dancing around my house, listening to music
      singing and making dinner .... I went over to pet my cat
      and some tapes flew off my stereo .... There was no
      particular reason for them to fly off but they did .... Well
      i went over to pick em up and one of them was
      Syliva Browns adventures of a Physic .... I had listened
      to them but really couldnt grasp or at least
      comprehend what was said and was interupted so many times
      they went forgotten .... SO I took it as a sign and
      started listening to it .... There were a few
      simularities in her story and my life so I was even more eager
      to listen .... She then started to talk about God
      and since my co worker had asked me if I believed In
      God I thought to myself hey I have got to start
      looking into this .... I went to a bookstore looking for
      meditation cds for beginers, tantra books something to get
      me started and stumbled on Sylvias Book God Creation
      and Tools for life .... I was hooked .... Her guide
      Francine (my name is Frances & I get called francine
      often) spoke about the other side, God our charts and so
      on and so on .... She mentioned Gnostics as anyone
      who seeked out the truth and there was mention of
      Novous Spiritus and I didnt know what those words ment
      so since I have a club on yahoo I checked to see
      what was out there and found this club .... I guess
      now I am just looking for validation that i am on the
      right track ... Strength in numbers i suppose .... I do
      thank you for all the priceless information ... I look
      forward to learning more so I can help turn others to the
      "light" ....
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