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  • hey_market
    You didn t know how to answer the question Do you believe in God, eh? Well, good for you--you re already on the path to wisdom! LOL. Only fools
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 5, 2002
      You didn't know how to answer the question "Do
      you believe in God," eh? <br><br>Well, good for
      you--you're already on the path to wisdom! LOL. Only fools
      pretend to know the answer that one, right?
      <br><br>First, Gnostics don't really believe in God. From the
      Gnostic standpoint one might describe two basic paths
      that lead to God. One is "pistic," which means
      faith-based ("I believe, I believe"), while the other is
      gnostic, which means roughly means knowlege
      based.<br><br>However, while Gnostics claim to "know" God, it's not
      ordinary worldy knowledge or specialized scientific
      knowlege, which is based on the experimental method. In
      fact, even while Gnostics claim to know God, they also
      claim god is unknowable.<br><br>In any case, more
      accurately, being gnostic is to possess a kind of intuition
      or insight. Actually, the word "insight" rather than
      "knowledge" is probably the best or nearest translation for
      the ancient Greek word "gnosis," from which the word
      Gnostic is derived. <br><br>And while it's an
      otherworldly kind of insight, it has everything to do with
      this world... and not. As an ancient Gnostic put it,
      and I'm paraphrasing, it's the study of who are and
      from whence we came, and where we're going.
      <br><br>So, how did they answer those questions? What sort of
      insights do gnostics possess? <br><br>Well, many... and
      that's why it's a long answer--too long to provide here.
      And in typical Gnostic fashion, you can expect a
      complex, even though the answer itself couldn't be any
      nearer to you than you could imagine. <br><br>In fact,
      it is within you, or such is one of the central
      tenets of Gnosticism.<br><br>But even then, it's not so
      simple as now going forth and pronouncing to your
      friends, "Gee, I just discovered that I'm
      God."<br><br>Thing is, the truth gets a little tangled up in
      "normal" human terms and normal worldly conditions, which
      is exactly why gnostics prefered to provide their
      answers and tell the big Truths in the language of myth.
      <br><br>At any rate, back to the beginning of your
      post--your lack of answer did carry a response, which was
      for you to wonder why you couldn't answer the
      question. And then you showed up here seeking an answer, or
      at least pointing the way to some books.<br><br>To
      that end, there have been several posts making
      recommendations in the past, including from me. But I'll make a
      few in the next post.
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