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Re: Peter, Paul and Mary! pt1

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  • ErnstStrohregenmantelrad
    (38/M/eastern NC) 12/8/01 10:53 pm ***Ernst, PMCV tried to tell you constructively . . . I m just gonna say it. Stop being asinine.*** You know
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 11, 2001
      (38/M/eastern NC) 12/8/01 10:53 pm<br>***Ernst,
      PMCV tried to tell you constructively . . . I'm just
      gonna say it.<br>Stop being asinine.***<br><br>You know
      what? Why don't you look at the entire situation
      instead of just butting in from your limited
      prespective<br><br>***>>Geryy I must say if you nit pick I must nit pick as
      well.<br>There are difference between "Mani" and "Manichaeans"
      Like difference between "Jung" and "Jungian" "Christ"
      and "Christian" etc.....<<<br>Yes, I'm sure you
      WOULD see someone pointing out your careless
      self-contradictions as nit-picking. Once again, evidence of your
      double standards.***<br><br>What contradiction? So you
      are saying Mani and Manichaeism is same thing? That
      Christ and Christians are same thing. Jung and Jugians
      are same thing? "Careless self contradiction?" I
      would like to know I always look at the past archieve
      before I put down anything. In fact I did look at the
      message and it is YOU jumped the gun. You just looked at
      that particular post, I did looked at the whole thred
      which this post was based to find out the direction of
      the conversation in general. <br><br>***Pretending
      I'm stupid and still don't quite grasp the difference
      between Mani and Manichaean, all the smarts in the world
      wouldn't help me understand why you think it's even
      relevant in this conversation.***<br><br>The difference
      between Mani and Manichaeism was the thing that was
      discussed if you look at the post #3946. Now, do you
      realize that the post was a reply to your post #3950
      which was in turn reply to my post #3946. That means as
      it happened the post #3954 is just a addendum to the
      post #3946. Futher more the post #3946 is a relpy to
      PMCV's post #3782 which in turn is a reply to my posts
      #3780-3781 and that in turn Cari's #3778 that in turn my
      #3777. Going back further #3777 was reply to Cari's
      #3776 which in turn Terje's #3775 that in turn Cari's
      #3774 that in turn Terje's #3770 that is turn Cari's
      #3769 and finally to my posts #3766-3767. <br><br>From
      the Post
      #3946<br>-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br>It might not be fair but you are talking here about
      Manichaeism, right? The organized world religion that streched
      from Spain to China at one time. Mani was a member of
      a Jewish-Christian bapitist sect, Elchasaites and
      he left the group because he could only get gnosis
      not by outward observance but inner revelation. So as
      we talked before can Manichaeism have exoteric and
      esoteric core? According to the available evident as of
      yet there is no evidence of that as we discussed. And
      it is not fair to say Mani is a Gnostic but
      Manichaeism is not Gnostic (like saying Jesus is a Gnostic
      but Christianity is not) Maybe it started out as
      esoteric (like many other religion) but lost its esoteric
      to exoteric later. If it used be esoteric it sure
      confer to Mani's story and many myths are surely
      interpreted esoterically.<br>but of course all of this is
      merly a speculation.
      <br>-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br> Basing upon this post and PMCV's post you wrote
      on #3950:<br><br>****Exactly!<br>Huh?<br>Now you're
      both confusing me. Evidently I need to read a lot more
      on these groups... ...I'm sure my confusion is
      evident here. Any clarification would be much
      appreciated.****<br><br>I took the cue of the last statement and wrote the
      post #3954 which consist of the Cathar _consolamentum_
      and adding about Mani and Manichaeism as an
      afterthought reinforcing my opinion on the post #3946.
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