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Re: Peter, Paul and Mary! pt2

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    >>>My answer is NO at least in Hermetic it didn t continue to this day. It was *revived* during the Renaissance.<<< No, actually it
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 9, 2001
      >>>My answer is NO at least in Hermetic
      it didn't continue to this day. It was *revived*
      during the Renaissance.<<<<br><br>No, actually
      it was revived in the 12th century (when the ideas
      where learned from muslems). However, Kabbalah didn't
      even EXIST 'till the same years so I'm wondering why
      you didn't mention that part as well. You may be
      about to argue that Kabbalah had earlier roots, but so
      did the Academies who revived Hermeticism. In other
      words, there is no continuation, and yet again there is.
      <br><br>BTW, I question whether there was ever really a stand
      alone Hermetic religion in the late antiquities at
      all.<br><br>>>>I don't know WHY DON'T *YOU* TELL ME. How much of
      Nag Hammadi material are you going to take at the
      face value?<<<<br><br>None of it, that is my
      point. It was never meant to be taken at face value, it
      is worthless as a literal text.<br><br>>>>
      I was not referring to the whole al-Nadim document
      as verrified.<<<<br><br>SO what you are
      saying is that I accidentally did to you what you have
      kept doing to me. Then I'm sorry for that
      mistake.<br><br>>>>You are implying that di Medici upon reading the
      translated _Corpus Hermeticum_ instantly knew the complex
      initiatory esoteric system that was practiced during
      Hellenistic time<<<<<br><br>Not convinced there
      was such a system, but let's pretend for a moment.
      The Medici didn't start the Academies. These
      Academies where involved in Platonic speculation long
      before the rediscovery of the Hermetica in question, and
      long before the Medici household existed. Nor were the
      Hermetica the primary text used by them after thier
      discovery. The Camerata was not a "Hermetic" order, they
      simply recognized that the Hermetica had the same basic
      outline and added legend and myth to it's usage in thier
      pre-existant Platonic Academy.<br><br>What I"m saying is that
      it would be a mistake to think of the Academy (of
      which a couple of the Medici were only a part) as a
      Hermetic revival. Many scholors have presumed this, but it
      is simply historically inaccurate.<br><br>PMCV
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