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Re: Peter, Paul and Mary! pt1

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  • gerryhsp
    Ernst, PMCV tried to tell you constructively . . . I m just gonna say it. Stop being asinine. >>Geryy I must say if you nit pick I must nit
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 8, 2001
      Ernst, PMCV tried to tell you constructively . .
      . I'm just gonna say it.<br><br>Stop being
      asinine.<br><br>>>Geryy I must say if you nit pick I must nit pick as
      well.<br><br>There are difference between "Mani" and "Manichaeans"
      Like difference between "Jung" and "Jungian" "Christ"
      and "Christian" etc.....<<<br><br><br>Yes, I'm
      sure you WOULD see someone pointing out your careless
      self-contradictions as nit-picking. Once again, evidence of your
      double standards.<br><br>Pretending I'm stupid and still
      don't quite grasp the difference between Mani and
      Manichaean, all the smarts in the world wouldn't help me
      understand why you think it's even relevant in this
      conversation.<br><br>Following your directive of not taking your comments out of
      context, I did indeed observe what you had said in the
      post I quoted.<br><br>>>Nevertheless because of
      the result we can't classify the Cathar as Gnostics.
      As for Mani for me jury is still out (although as I
      said earlier I am leaning toward it being non-Gnostics
      as well)<<<br><br>Here, you were talking about
      the Cathars (a group). Next, you mention Mani (an
      individual, male), and then refer to "it" (singular, neuter)
      as probably being "non-Gnostics" [sic] (another
      group, plural) as well.<br><br>Now, demanding that
      people read and respond to every bloody point you make
      is one thing, but when you word things like that,
      I'm gonna need more than an interpreter to know what
      in the world you're talking about. I can't go
      calling Miss Cleo for a free readin' every time I'm
      trying to read your posts and figure out what's going on
      in your head. If you don't care any more than that
      in expressing it, how can you expect people to even
      try to read it.<br><br>Still, my other clue that you
      were speaking about the 'group' is that my original
      question, to which you were engaging in response, not only
      involved Manichaeans and Cathars (the groups) but was even
      contained in a post titled "Manichaeans and Cathars."
      Personally, I don't see any ambiguity
      there.<br><br>Unfortunately, the stench of red herring follows you from post
      to post, so if you'd rather discuss how Mani was
      Gnostic while the religion he created was not, or vice
      versa, go right ahead. Just don't sweep everything else
      that's been brought up to you under the rug. It doesn't
      go away simply because you don't want to see
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