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Re: Peter, Paul and Mary! pt2

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  • ErnstStrohregenmantelrad
    >>>I need not provide sources for things I state from the biginning are mere theoretic possibilities.<<< In a form such as this
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 8, 2001
      >>>I need not provide "sources" for
      things I state from the biginning are mere theoretic
      possibilities.<<<<br><br>In a form such as this where a beginner wanting to
      know facts about Gnosticism there is no call for
      "theoretic possiblities". It will only confuse
      people.<br><br>>>>Unlike the many socially retarded out there who simply
      ape scholastic dogma, I can actually make things up
      on my own and say "hmmm, what if? Well if it were
      true then!" etc.<<<<br><br>You know what?
      That is pretty low. Let me then add that some people
      are indeed prone to anti-intellictalism. If you make
      up things on your own based upon the wrong or
      incomplite conjucture then that would be wrong no matter how
      much you wished for to be true.
      <br><br>>>>Please be more attentive to my statements of "It could
      be", they are a VERY important part of the English
      language that set the entire premise of all that
      follows.<<<<br><br>In the case of Manichaeism and Marcionites "it could
      be.." can not be put up due to entire data that is
      available on Marcionites and Manichaeism. If you did you
      are only working from the superficial level. You can
      speculate all you want but if it is based upon the wrong or
      incomplete conjusture it shouldn't even be mentioned.
      <br><br>>>> ...(which, by the way, you sited no evidence for
      after insisting I do so on things that I only talk
      about the plausibility of)<<<<br><br>It is not
      my problem that you don't know the term
      "Himmelsreise" or "Himmelsfahrt"
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