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Re: Peter, Paul and Mary! pt1

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  • gerryhsp
    >>�����(In fact I never considered Manichaeism as Gnostics either) NOT EVER from the very beginning.<< [sic] Ernst--08 Dec. 01 >>As
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 8, 2001
      >>�(In fact I never considered Manichaeism
      as Gnostics either) NOT EVER from the very
      beginning.<< [sic] Ernst--08 Dec. 01<br><br>>>As for
      Mani for me jury is still out (although as I said
      earlier I am leaning toward it being non-Gnostics as
      well)<< Ernst--05 Aug. 01<br><br><br>And that right
      there, ladies and gentlemen, is my problem with jury
      trials in this country. Heaven help the innocent person
      (as all should be until �proven� guilty) whose life
      is in the hands of his or her �peers.�<br><br>Since
      we�re asking for so much clarification and
      substantiation on this hot topic, I suppose we should be advised
      whether this is a criminal or civil jury? I�m having
      difficulty determining what degree of doubt may or may not
      be present that would have allowed consideration of
      something which still has �NOT EVER� been considered.
      LOL<br><br>Geez . . . and that old post was pretty easy to dig
      up. Can�t wait �til Yahoo delivers on the new Search
      tools. ;-)<br><br>Since I started the �Peter, Paul &
      Mary� thread, I really feel a need to interject here.
      My topic was about the pitfalls of an �open�
      community succumbing to the weaker, more �closed� links
      which it had incorporated. Early demise of such a group
      seems inevitable to me. That�s just me. In my
      curiosity, my musings merely dealt with which Gnostic group
      held the record for longevity?<br><br>In PMCV�s
      response to that post, he pointed out the difficulty in
      pinning down an answer to that question, since, as you
      pointed out, these groups are not static, and scholars
      can and do have differing opinions (wish we were
      giving out prizes for understatements!). After touching
      on that aspect with numerous groups, he admitted in
      his third paragraph that he realized those weren�t
      even the groups I was talking about, as they had
      already been discounted as P, P & M�s impossible �lemons�
      amid the otherwise sweet orchard that is
      Gnosis.<br><br>I followed his response, and he had followed my
      question, which was really rhetorical in the first place .
      . . intended to stimulate thought, possibly
      conversation, but certainly not foolish and feigned
      debate.<br><br>Give it a rest.<br><br>Gerry
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