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Re: Trichotomy

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  • hey_market
    Yea, the ladder to heaven concept is particularly wacky, though I m not sure if that a funny ha, ha wacky or a daft wacky. Both I
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 30, 2001
      Yea, the ladder to heaven concept is particularly
      wacky, though I'm not sure if that a funny "ha, ha"
      wacky or a daft wacky. <br><br>Both I
      guess.<br><br>First, the ladder metaphor, verbal or visual, has been
      used by just about every orthodox and unorthodox group
      around--and not just Christian. So, apparently, if that makes
      you a Gnostic, then Gnostics are overruning the
      world.<br><br>Secondly, oh my God, I guess it's dumb luck to climb up a
      three step ladder, but perfectly fine to climb a
      two-step ladder. Talk about splittin' hairs! She might
      want to take that third step--maybe she'd reach high
      enough to see her silliness.<br><br>Thirdly, in any
      case, IT'S ONLY A METAPHOR! She mistakes the metaphor
      for the reality it is intended to approach. <br><br>A
      more accurate description of Gnostic perceptions of
      reality would be to say that they were concerned with
      spiritual movement and repose---and ultimately this motion
      or rest isn't all about taking two steps or three
      steps or climbing up or or down or turning inwards or
      heading out in any particular direction. Rather, it's
      ineffable awareness of realities that escape
      us.<br><br>Particularly when we're lost in metaphors, myths, histories,
      or biblical passages or any expression of or about
      reality that isn't the reality itself. <br><br>Most
      Gnostics understand this inherent division between the two
      (description of reality vs. the reality that really is) and
      seek to obliterate the division in the only way
      possible.<br><br>Further division does not make it possible, save for
      division from division, and then release from that reality
      to eternally cede and supercede all
      reality.<br><br>Admittedly, words fail.
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