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Re: Trichotomy

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  • lady_caritas
    Greetings, Hyperborean! To add just another comment in this interesting thread, I like Tony�����s comment (#5412) �����. . .it is impossible to chop Gnosticism
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 30, 2001
      Greetings, Hyperborean! To add just another
      comment in this interesting thread, I like Tony�s comment
      (#5412) �. . .it is impossible to chop Gnosticism out of
      Christianity.�<br><br>And I would add definitely also out of the Bible, the
      authoritative book for orthodoxy. <br><br>From the article ~
      <br>�In addition to the creation account, there are other
      vital considerations proving the importance of this
      material aspect of being human. First, in the Incarnation,
      Jesus Christ, as the second person of the Holy Trinity,
      assumed to himself a true human nature (Gal 4:4). It is
      the Gnostic impulse that is condemned as the "spirit
      of Antichrist" because this spirit emphatically
      denies that Jesus Christ is God in the flesh (1 Jn
      4:2,3). It is the docetic heresy which teaches a truly
      divine Jesus who only appears in human form, rather than
      a divine Logos who takes on a true human nature, as
      taught in the prologue to John's Gospel.�<br><br>PMCV
      has of course already covered the docetic issue
      (#5409). <br><br>Also, as Tony suggests, putting Band-Aids
      on or efforts �to cauterize the gaping wounds� just
      don�t wash. For example, the first Epistle of John
      quoted from above, along with the second Epistle of
      John, were simply written attempts by orthodoxy to gain
      �possession� of the Gospel of John and to declare as
      �heretical,� Gnostic interpretation of John.<br><br>I would
      add that this author would do well to read Elaine
      Pagel�s books on Gnostic exegesis of Paul�s letters and
      the gospel of John. Very fascinating Valentinian
      exegesis delving deeply into psychic vs. pneumatic issues.
      And gosh, books from the orthodox canon!<br><br>From
      the article ~<br>"No matter how well intended we are,
      and no matter how fashionable spirituality may be,
      the Gnostic impulse lurks behind every attempt to
      build a ladder to heaven, and we must be very careful
      to avoid its destructive influence."<br><br>Gosh,
      better stop reading the Bible then. Hehe.<br><br>"Ladder
      to heaven?" Wha??? Anyone know of that Gnostic
      ladder? ROTFLMAO <br><br>Cari
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