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Re: Trichotomy

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  • troberti
    Hello Hyperborean, and welcome. << What does anyone think of Bloom s assertion that the American Religion is Gnostic in impulse?
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 30 8:13 AM
      Hello Hyperborean, and welcome.<br><br><<
      What does anyone think of Bloom's assertion that the
      "American Religion" is Gnostic in impulse?
      >><br><br>I think there is something to it. There is an
      interesting kind of interplay between what Americans say they
      believe and what they deny to to be true, because as
      Riddlebarger suggests there is a "back door" into which
      Gnostic ideas sometimes sneak into mainstream beliefs.
      <br><br>In my opinion, the "back door" is the fact that
      Gnosis is a living force that will not be denied,
      combined with the fact that it is impossible to chop
      Gnosticism out of Christianity.<br><br><br><<
      <a href=http://www.alliancenet.org/pub/mr/mr95/1995.04.JulAug/mr9504.kr.trichotomy.html target=new>http://www.alliancenet.org/pub/mr/mr95/1995.04.JulAug/mr9504.kr.trichotomy.html</a> >><br><br>Interesting article. Riddlebarger
      is informed reasonably well but still refuses to
      take her blinders off. The article is ripe for
      deconstruction, because she herself is blind to the very problem
      she accuses Evangelicals of missing. And that is, the
      fact that Gnosticism cannot be chopped out of
      Christianity. This is like chopping half of a Moebius strip
      out, and trying to make the open ends meet
      squarely.<br><br>Trying to simply chop out the trichotomy or the
      distinction between "psychic/carnal" vs. "spiritual"
      Christians, from Paul or from the Gospels, does not work. Too
      many big questions are left unanswered this way. The
      only way to put such a system in practice is to employ
      Orwellian "doublethink," citing slogans and quoted Bible
      passages to cauterize the gaping wounds. Fewer and fewer
      Americans will accept such an excuse for religious
      life.<br><br>Tony Roberti
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