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Re: Trichotomy

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  • hey_market
    ... reality whether you like it or not... threatens this historical presendence. An apt way to put it, Terje, since after all, hiSTORY is a STORY, and
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 29, 2001
      "... reality whether you like it or not...
      threatens this historical presendence."<br><br>An apt way
      to put it, Terje, since after all, hiSTORY is a
      STORY, and who's story takes pecedence ultiamtely is a
      matter of worldly power and position. <br><br>But
      whoever is telling the story, we must bear in mind (and
      more accurately, bear in our being) that story is
      never reality itself.<br><br>If it's a true story, then
      it merely points to reality. Such is the stuff of
      myths, not history.<br><br>But isn't it interesting that
      we need to tell ourselves hiSTORIES in the first
      place? What should this tell us?<br><br>Much, I
      think.<br><br>Indeed, if we perfectly lived and breathed and grasped
      reality,we wouldn't need such stories, would we? That is, if
      you know the truth--if we all knew the truth--then
      why would we need to keep retelling ourselves
      different versions of it? <br><br>What's wrong with our
      memory? Or could it be that we're searching in the wrong
      place for our clearest remembrance?<br><br>If we step
      back from these histories for a moment, these
      different and typically competing versions of reality,
      these different stories, they're certainly evidence of
      a division of some kind, aren't they? And one that
      tells us all too clearly that we enter the world
      somehow divided from the truth.<br><br>We are divided
      from this truth in myriad ways, and the Gnostics, for
      the most part, had a particularly effective way of
      understanding the levels of this division. Namely, they
      understood it as a tripartition.<br><br>They looked at
      reality and saw that there was a hylic level, a psychic
      level, and a pneumatic level. Lord knows there are
      countless levels in between, as well as above and below,
      but the tripartion seems to express an essential
      truth about our incarnation in this sphere.<br><br>You
      can see this reality or not, but nonr of our vision
      or lack thereof will make a reality go away. No new
      or old hiSTORY will make it so or not
      so.<br><br>Thus, a polemicist can base all the arguments he wants,
      based on HIS hiSTORY, of course, or someone else's--but
      whichever source from which he draws his reality (vs. the
      fountain of reality itself), we can hardly ignore that a
      good argument has never vaporized a body, much less
      made a soul disappear, or more amazing still, reduce a
      spirit beyond reduction.<br><br>That's why, from the
      Gnostic perspective, it's best to focus on "the reality
      that really exists" rather than our own manufactured
      illusions. Or such is the Gnostic illusion, eh?<br><br>But
      at least it's an illusion without any illusions.
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