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Re: Trichotomy

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    ok, to continue... 4) Docetism. There is a common misunderstanding that all Gnosticism was docetic, it wasn t. There are Adoptionist views expressed in
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 29, 2001
      ok, to continue...<br><br>4) Docetism. There is a
      common misunderstanding that all Gnosticism was docetic,
      it wasn't. There are Adoptionist views expressed in
      the Nag Hammadi. It is also important to note that
      Gnosticism draws a very distinct line between history and
      the more important allegory, this means that Docetism
      and Adoptionism are not even necessarily at odds (and
      in fact Philip seems to imply the truth of both
      possibilites.<br><br>5) "We will not spend eternity as spirits with
      harps, floating weightlessly on the clouds, but instead
      as redeemed persons in resurrected and glorified
      bodies," As I said previously, I'm going to avoid
      doctrinal issues. I only quote this part to say that I
      can't even figure out what floating in the clouds has
      to do with Gnosticism. Gnostics generally believed
      in a dissolution of identity into the prime
      source.<br><br>Hmmm, in order to prevent yet a third post let me skip
      to the chase..... Gnosticism in modern American
      protastantism. Outside the most obvious difference (a
      soteriology based on pistis rather than Gnosis), there *are*
      many of the anti-intellectual ideas etc., that our
      author mentions. The simple difficulty then lies in the
      fact that they don't also exist in Gnosticism. They
      *do* however exist in other late antiquities
      "heresies"... for instance Four Square Pentecostals look
      strikingly similar to Montanism, and thus, IMHO would be
      better equated as a recurance of this group than
      Gnosticism.<br><br>As to whether American society itself has any
      special affinities with Gnosticism, I personally don't
      think so. I do think that modern *western* society is
      beginning to more clearly segregate into materialism
      (including religious materialism) and spirituality in a
      manner that fostered the religion of Alexandria in the
      first place. Add this to the striking social
      similarities between now and the late antiquities areas where
      this form of mysticism flowered and there may be good
      reason for polemicists to fear a growth of esoteric
      beleifs in the modern world. All the same they are
      looking for it in the wrong place.<br><br>In the end,
      nearly all the equations made by Ms Kim Riddlebarger
      could have just as easily been made with Kabbalah or
      even Sufism, and would have been accurate and
      inaccurate in basically the same areas.<br><br>PMCV
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