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Re: Trichotomy

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  • TerjeDB
    Well, I for one *know where the notion of the Alliance are coming from* when they refer to trichotomy i.e. the concept of triparite human nature <It
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 29, 2001
      Well, I for one *know where the notion of the
      "Alliance" are coming from* when they refer
      to<br>"trichotomy" i.e. the concept of triparite human nature <It
      should be noted that the author betrays his confusion of
      terms already in the beginning when he upholds
      "biblical" and "historical" "presedence" (hah!) for a
      "two-fold" nature - this dual human nature he defines by the
      *genders*, or at least, *the genders he knows about* (sic!);
      the "tradition" which performed the unpardonable
      "sin" or "heresy" of Triparition of human nature does
      not refer to humanity as a whole, but to the single
      unit - namely, The Man; theirs were a concern of
      Anthropology - or the study of human nature. He is
      tendentially confusing the consensus view of "humanity" being
      divided *by two* - i.e. between genders, which equals a
      consideration of the surface - namely that every advanced
      lifeform multiplies by the union of two individuals of
      different genders - with the philosophical consideration of
      what the single individual is composite of. In effect,
      here he does not make sense. However, the concern of
      modern day conservatives within Christendom - are
      concerned about the former issue - with which the
      "threefold human nature" has nothing whatsoever to do;
      namely - Mankind "obey" and "pay tribute and
      glorification" to the creator who designed "the man" as such "To
      Man and Woman" (ref. Gen 1CH) - by multiplying the
      mass of worshippers and lyal subjects - in accordance
      with "historical presedence" indeed; however, ours is
      different times - and Biology,Science and apperently the
      Times - challenge the presedence with both hypothetical
      and practical *evidence* that.. it aint necessarely
      so; The union of the two genders are not necessary in
      a *practical sense* in order to produce a new human
      being, Man may well function - in either of the
      categories i.e. the genders without subscribing to the
      historical presedence; he or she may consider themselves
      fully humane although they are physically incapable,
      alone or with their partner - to produce offspring..
      Their reason to *exist* no longer depends on
      reproduction.. this has affected the worldview,choices and
      directions of generations.. and threatens the Theologies
      that use the World as evidence of God�s mental health
      and benevolence towards mankind.. <br><br>But this
      isn�t because of a conspiracy - and whatever worldview
      which reflects upon different answers to the same
      problem, the same riddle - does not threaten the
      historical presedence and the choice of our ancestors...The
      moment Now, the status quo.. reality whether you like it
      or not.. threatens this historical presendence..
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