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looking for gnostic guidance

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  • unabled
    I am fairly new at Gnosticism. All my knowledge comes from reading Bentley Layton s The Gnostic Scriptures I know that Ialdaboath, becoming arrogant in
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 4, 2010
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      I am fairly new at Gnosticism. All my knowledge comes from reading Bentley Layton's "The Gnostic Scriptures" I know that Ialdaboath, "becoming arrogant in spirit, boasted himself over all those who were below him, and explained, "I am the father, and God, and above me there is no one," his mother hearing him speak thus, cried out against him: "Do not lie, Ialdabaoth, for the father of all, the primal Anthropos, is above you, and so is Anthropos, the son of Anthropos." Ialdaboath is the creator of this earth. He made the dinosaurs and all sorts of weird creatures. Angels made Adam and Ialdaboath breathed life into him which depleted his own power. Is this where God the father came in, to correct the earth and take charge of people? I thought maybe this is why Jesus came, to reclaim from Ialdaboath the people that resulted for God the Father; the Father of Jesus, not necessarily the people.

      Then there is the scripture that says John the Baptist was Elisabeth's son by Ialdaboath. (According to St. Ireanaeus of Lyon against Heresies)

      If anybody can send me a "Gnosticism for Dummies" email I would sure appreciate any insight that might help me understand. I live in Florida. cardboard at embarqmail dot com

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