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The Gospel of Judas 3 & the Sethians all Weekend on Aeon Byte

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  • miguelconner
    Welcome to the desert of the real! We continue our odyssey in daring The Gospel of Judas and the mysterious Sethians. New scholarship not only supports the
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 22, 2010
      Welcome to the desert of the real!

      We continue our odyssey in daring The Gospel of Judas and the mysterious Sethians. New scholarship not only supports the idea that Judas was a demonic villain, but the actual incarnation of the Demiurge on Earth. Judas Iscariot is the true Son of God! He is a Supreme Archon who both has Gnosis and dominance of the universe, destined to battle the Cosmic Christ. These new revelations also takes us deep into Sethianism, including their heavy use of magic and magical gems, their essential reliance on astrology and astrotheology, and the dark reasons they rebelled so vehemently against the early Christian church. Like last week, our guest will also deliver a Gnostic State of the Union Address, addressing the issues of whether Gnosticism should be discarded as a term once and for all, is Gnosticism pre-Christian, and other affairs besetting Gnostic communities and scholarship.

      Astral Guest-- April De Conick, author of 'The Thirteenth Apostle', 'Recovering the Original Gospel of Thomas' &'Voices of the Mystics'.

      --How astrology and magic is not only central to Gnosticism, but that without them there is no actual Gnosticism.
      --The secret life of the Sethians and Valentinians: going to Church on Sundays and meeting in secret lodges during the week to harness the mysteries of the Egyptians, Chaldeans and Sumerians (and why their being `exposed' caused the true war between Orthodoxy and Gnosticism).
      --The sad story of God dreaming he was a good man named Judas Iscariot while Judas Iscariot dreamed he was a good god named Jehovah. And how they both woke up to find themselves in a nightmare where they were both evil, staring down the barrel of the cross of a wrathful Cosmic Christ.
      --Have the newly acquired fragments of the Gospel of Judas changed the overall story or brought new revelations?
      --Why Gnostic tradition and philosophy are gravely hindering Gnostic scholarship and Biblical study itself.
      --How the Sethians did not view all Aeons as benign (don't you love Gnosticism—just when you figure out one enemy, a bigger, meaner one comes along. You take out Optimus Primes and here comes The Fallen!)
      --Although the Gospel of Judas clearly reveals Iscariot as an infernal villain, how it was probable that some Gnostic sects did indeed see him as a hero (and evidence there was more than one Gospel of Judas out there).

      And much more!!!

      Just go to http://www.thegodabovegod.com/. The program is broadcast all weekend long. Listen to it at your convenience and peril.

      Our rebroadcast `Aeon Byte #73—The Gospel of Judas Part 2'. April joined us for the first time to lay the foundation of her thesis that the Gnostic Judas was a fiend, based on mistranslations, faulty exegesis, a rush job by various scholars, and reading the Church Fathers wrong. She also relates the entire story of The Gospel of Judas, explains the other texts that were discovered along with this Gnostic Scripture, and plenty of more on Sethianism.

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