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The Gnostic Paul & Simon Magus all Holiday Week on Aeon Byte!!!

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  • miguelconner
    Two shows for four days on two Gnostic Saints and Orthodox Decepticons: The Gnostic Paul: Although considered by many as the father of Christianity, the
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 25, 2009
      Two shows for four days on two Gnostic Saints and Orthodox Decepticons:
      The Gnostic Paul: Although considered by many as the father of Christianity, the reality is that Paul of Tarsus was co-opted and modified to suit Orthodoxy. His original message was one of the earliest forms of Gnosticism, Christian Mysticism and Jewish Mystery School Doctrine. Underneath his corrupted words we find a message of liberation from the world of the Demiurge and the discovery of our Christ consciousness. Paul also might be just a code word for the most reviled Gnostic in all of history. And that is:

      Simon Magus: He was a divine man who shook the status quo with an innovative message. He was betrayed and crucified. He was worshiped from Palestine to Rome. He caused great miracles and was part of a divine trinity. He was the consort of an ex-prostitute. This is Simon The Magician, The Father of all Heresies and Father of Gnosticism.

      Astral Guest-- Robert Price, author of 'Interpreting The Gospel of Thomas', 'The Incredible Shrinking Son of Man' & 'Deconstructing Jesus'.

      Topics Discussed:

      On Paul of Tarsus (or Simon Magus)
      --How the Pauline Epistles might have been written by actually two of the greatest heretics in history.
      --Why did the Catholic Church decide to adopt Paul when they had hated him for generations?
      --The obvious Gnostic themes in his letters once the proper syntax and context are understood.
      --How reading Paul through Gnostic eyes is a wondrous tool for spiritual liberation.
      --Evidence showing his letters corrupted beyond the false epistles added later on.
      --Acts of the Apostles: One of the greatest propaganda works in the history of Christianity.

      On Simon Magus (or Paul of Tarsus)
      --Everything you ever wanted to know about this prominent but marginalized Messiah.
      --Categorical evidence that points to Simon Magus and Saint Paul being one and the same, beyond the writings of the Jewish Christians who despised him.
      --How the handpicked successor of John The Baptist was passed over by a certain Jesus of Nazareth.
      --The legendary magical battles, arguments and polemics of the symbolical war between Simon Peter (Orthodoxy) and Simon Magus (Gnosticism).
      --How the Bible itself and much of the Apocrypha hints to the importance of The Father of Gnosticism and the archetype of the Magician.
      --The eternal and mysterious love affair between Simon Magus and Helen of Troy.
      --The theology and philosophy of Simon Magus and his school, including the first suggestions of a mature Gnostic ideology, proto-Kabalistic views, and Pythagorean/Philo of Alexandria influences.
      --Evidence that Simon of Magus/Saint Paul was the originator of the concept of The Trinity.
      --Price gives us a glimpse of the first time ever, reconstructed `Great Revelation'.

      And much more!!!

      Just go to http://www.thegodabovegod.com/. The program is broadcast all holiday week long. Listen to it at your convenience and peril.

      Next week we talk about the caustic marriage of Occult and Politics that is actually more of a norm than an exception. Modern history has been heavily shaped by secret brotherhoods and power-mad mystics more than you could have ever imagined, including these days. Our guest is Gary Lachman, author of `Politics & and the Occult: the Left, the Right, and the Radically Unseen', as well a founding member of the rock group Blondie (too cool!)!

      All past shows of Aeon Byte are available at http://www.thegodabovegod.com/shop/. Each program has a preview you can listen to it before jumping into the abyss of heresy. CD copies can be purchased through our homepage. Bulk digital audio at your greasy fingertips can also be purchased at http://stores.lulu.com/store.php?fAcctID=1906876. I've already raised prices, but buying CD's or downloading in bulk digital format is a fraction of the price. Selling your soul to Lucifer has never been so cheap!

      Donations are always welcome and needed in our hobbit venture overshadowed by wealthy churches and social institutions that need an injection of heresy to rejuvenate them.

      Please sign up for our Mailing List at our homepage. Maybe we can start an Indulgences Coupon Train and save ourselves from Eternal Damnation!

      And check out my new articles for The Examiner at http://www.examiner.com/x-28537-Chicago-Gnosticism--Heretical-Spirituality-Examiner. Please subscribe and leave little love or hate notes. I put up two or three articles, commentaries, reviews or sermonettes a week. Check in often. There is right now a heated debate between Gnostics and Fundies in my `Shroud of Turin' article that you don't want to miss. I read published `Is Oprah's Crucifixion Humanity's Salvation?'.

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