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Re: The Gospel of Mary all Weekend Long on Aeon Byte!!!

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  • lady_caritas
    Miguel, thanks for offering this interview again. Looking at my haphazard notes, could you help clarify something for me, if you re around? During the section
    Message 1 of 2 , May 12, 2009
      Miguel, thanks for offering this interview again. Looking at my
      haphazard notes, could you help clarify something for me, if you're

      During the section of your interview concerning Karen King's opinions
      about the terms, "Gnostic" and "Gnosticism",... ouch..., did you ask
      her or did she offer any discussion about the validity of emphasis on
      soteriological function of Gnosis as a reason for the categorical
      designation in the first place, regardless of what people might have
      called themselves? I might have missed something there.

      Also, when discussing what happened to "alternative Christians", she
      said that to a large degree their ideas are still there (in modern
      Christianity). She specifically mentioned the goodness of God, emphasis
      on the spiritual, Jesus' teachings as salvific. What about Gnosis as
      salvific? I don't see that one generally emphasized in modern
      'orthodoxy'. Actually, it was a hot topic even in ancient times.

      She also said that the idea of God as not being the creator has been
      eliminated. THAT is a BIGGIE, Miguel! :-) ...even if other notions
      like physical resurrection, etc. are debated.

      Thanks for humoring me. I'll stop now. *lol*


      --- In gnosticism2@yahoogroups.com, "miguelconner" <miguelconner@...>
      > It is the only extant Gnostic Scripture we have with a woman's name on
      it and giving her a true centerpiece. The Gospel of Mary gives us
      insights into the importance of Mary Magdalene as the main Apostle, the
      consort of the Logos, and a Marian movement in the early days of
      Christianity that revered women's importance. In addition, our guest
      grants us her views on other Gnostic works like the Gospel of Judas and
      The Secret Book of John. And she explains why Gnosticism is an outdated
      term that serves no purpose in our modern idiom.
      > Astral Guest—Karen King, author of `The Gospel of Mary Magdala:
      Jesus and the First Woman Disciple', `What is Gnosticism' & `Reading
      Judas: The Gospel of Judas and the Shaping of Christianity'.
      > Topics Discussed:
      > --The history of how this important document was discovered.
      > --Understanding the inner and outer message of the Gospel of Mary
      > --How this Scripture represented an early Christian schism as well as
      a Marian cult following.
      > --Gnosticism: Outdated term about a bunch of dead weird Christians
      that should be replaced with the more politically correct `Alternative
      > --How the view that the Gnostics didn't believe in a fleshy Jesus is
      mostly a fable (whatever). Yet the radical way they interpreted the
      crucifixion of the Christ.
      > --Karen King discusses her research on `The Secret Book of John' and
      `The Gospel of Judas' including allegations her scholarship was
      erroneous along with National Geographic.
      > And much more! There's just something about Mary.
      > Just go to http://www.thegodabovegod.com/. The program is broadcast
      all weekend long. Listen to it at your convenience.
      > All past shows of Aeon Byte are available at
      http://www.thegodabovegod.com/shop/. Digital or CD copies in bulk can
      also be purchased through our homepage.
      > Abraxas
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