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Re: History of Gnosis

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  • pmcvflag
    Hey Oldmoth You ask... ... older than early Christianity...and even older than Judaism?
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 5, 2009
      Hey Oldmoth

      You ask...

      >>Are not many of the ideas now attributed to gnostic teaching much
      older than early Christianity...and even older than Judaism?<<

      Not in the more strict usage of the term "Gnostic". Of course, on the
      other hand one could argue that there is nothing new under the Sun
      and pretty much any idea from any movement has some origin in a
      movement before it.

      Since some essential parts of Gnostic teachings are Platonist those
      parts certainly existed before Christianity. Since some elements of
      Judaism existed before Judaism and some of those elements are
      expressed in Gnostic texts, then those elements existed before

      However, the fact that modern America has important cultural and
      ideological (and even indirect historical) connections with Rome
      doesn't imply that modern Americans ARE Romans. The Gnostics
      themselves don't predate Judaism or Plato.

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