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    Hey Richard You state... ... member have been filled with jargon that was beyond me.
    Message 1 of 2 , May 3, 2008
      Hey Richard

      You state...

      >>>I agree with Kari. Most of the discussions since I have been a
      member have been filled with jargon that was beyond me.<<<

      This is something we would like to change, but unfortunately it
      isn't completely possible in every case. When talking about
      traditional Gnosticism we will often find terms that most people are
      not familiar with initially... just as a person from western culture
      may not always be initially familiar with Buddhist terms. It isn't
      that the terms are overly lofty or difficult, but they are important
      communication tools.

      What I would like to encourage for people like you and Kari who are
      feeling uncomfortable with these kinds of terms, is fo feel very
      comfortable to ask. One of the functions of this forum is to help
      bridge the communication gap between the specialist (who often
      forget that the jargon is obscure) and people who are more recently
      interested in Gnostic thought (who can be frustrated by the jargon).
      To bridge that gap we deal with both ends... helping the specialist
      to speak to a wider readership, and helping the layperson learn the
      lingo of the specialist.

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