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The Gospel of Mary with Karen King this Week on CCG!!!

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  • miguelconner
    The Gospel of Mary Magdalene. It is the only extant Gnostic Scripture we have with a woman s name on it and giving her a true centerpiece. The Gospel of Mary
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 9, 2008
      The Gospel of Mary Magdalene. It is the only extant Gnostic Scripture
      we have with a woman's name on it and giving her a true centerpiece.
      The Gospel of Mary gives us insights into the importance of Mary
      Magdalene as the main Apostle, the consort of the Logos, and a Marian
      movement in the early days of Christianity that revered women's
      importance. In addition, our guest grants us her views on other
      Gnostic works like the Gospel of Judas and The Secret Book of John.
      And she explains why Gnosticism is an outdated term that serves no
      purpose in our modern idiom.

      Astral Guest—Karen King, author of `The Gospel of Mary Magdala: Jesus
      and the First Woman Disciple', `What is Gnosticism' & `Reading Judas:
      The Gospel of Judas and the Shaping of Christianity'.

      Topics Discussed:

      --The history of how this important document was discovered.
      --Understanding the inner and outer message of the Gospel of Mary
      --How this Scripture represented an early Christian schism as well as
      a Marian cult following.
      --Gnosticism: Outdated term about a bunch of dead weird Christians
      that should be replaced with the more politically correct `Alternative
      --How the view that the Gnostics didn't believe in a fleshy Jesus is
      mostly a fable (whatever). Yet the radical way they interpreted the
      crucifixion of the Christ.
      --Karen King discusses her research on `The Secret Book of John' and
      `The Gospel of Judas' including allegations her scholarship was
      erroneous along with National Geographic.

      And much more! There's just something about Mary.

      As always to access the show:

      --Go to my homepage http://www.thegodabovegod.com/
      --Scroll down until you see the Stickam screen (the eye with the
      bloody tear)
      --Click the music icon and voila…'Coffee, Cigarettes & Gnosis #84— The
      Gospel of Mary Magdalene' will appear in its entirety!

      There are over eighty shows for download at our homepage on all things
      Gnostic and its brethren in the Esoterica. We have over forty of the
      leading scholars and Gnostic sages of our days including Stephan
      Hoeller, Timothy Freke, John Turner, Karen King, Marvin Meyer,
      Margaret Starbird, Bart Ehrman, Bierger Pearson, Acharya S., and
      Robert Price, just to name a few.

      Also, shows can now be purchased on CD at half the price and twice the
      quality. And you can download files in bulk digital audio for an even
      better price. Information is on my homepage

      Donations are always appreciated. Support the Gnostic Media and the
      only show out there dealing with Gnosticism, the Gnostics and Gnosis.
      I make no substantial profit but simply re-invest in equipment,
      software, Korean midgets, studio rent and all sort of Demiurgic stuff.
      This is one Gnostic who isn't quitting his day job.

      And like I've always said, if you've got holes in your pockets let me
      know and I'll send you shows for no cost at all.

      Our rebroadcast this week is `CCG #22—Gnosis in Music'. Our guest was
      Brian Joseph, author of `The Gift of Gabe'.

      Myth and poetry are the inner, secret languages of gnosis. But when
      myth becomes mythmaking and poetry becomes song, we know this
      phenomenon as rock and roll. We take an intimate peek at the various
      rock shamans that influenced modern culture and spirituality. Did
      these visionaries tap into the Divine, were they just high as kites,
      and is there really a difference? And what would happen if the world
      didn't have rhetorical questions?

      Topics Discussed:

      --Brian talks about 'The Gift of Gabe': a work of 'fiction' in the
      same vein of 'Illusions' or 'The Celestine Prophecy', but also a deep,
      scholarly safari into several esoteric schools and the mystifying
      power that music has in unifying human beings. From Plato, Rumi,
      William Blake, Alan Watts, all the way to Sting, just to name a few.
      --A poignant look into the intention and meaning of some of the
      greatest songs that we have taken for granted, including 'Yellow
      Submarine', 'Purple Haze', 'Message In a Bottle' and many more.
      --An even deeper look into the enigmatic message of Jimi Hendrix, John
      Lennon, Pink Floyd, Jethro Tull, The Police and many more. --The first
      rock star in history is arguably Orpheus. Beyond his legendary
      strumming, the teachings of Orpheus influenced all the great Greek
      thinkers of antiquity, such as Pythagoras and Plato, and Western
      Civilization itself. And without MTV or Youtube!
      --We've all assumed that most good pop music is about 'silly love
      songs'. But could we be missing the mark and, like the Sufis and The
      Troubadours, that many of the great modern songs of our days are just
      cries to The Divine?
      --Was the rock revolution of the sixties merely part of a higher
      shifting of human consciousness, as predicted by Aldous Huxley and
      other inordinate thinkers of the early 20th Century?
      --Brian's views on the Universal Mind, speaking in tongues, and other
      occult themes.

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