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The Mandaeans, the Last Gnostics, now playing on CCG!!!

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  • miguelconner
    The Mandaeans. Perhaps the original Gnostics, the Mandaeans are certainly the only surviving ancient Gnostic sect. Who are these mysterious Semites that
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 12, 2008
      The Mandaeans. Perhaps the original Gnostics, the Mandaeans are
      certainly the only surviving ancient Gnostic sect. Who are these
      mysterious Semites that break so many Gnostic molds including making
      Jesus and Sophia the evil villains in the cosmic play? And despite
      their surviving for over two thousand years, the reality is that the
      Second Gulf War has brought them to the brink of extinction. We study
      their culture and theology, as well as present information on how we,
      as members of the Esoterica, can help their grim plight in the Middle

      Astral Guest—Nathaniel Deutsch, author of `The Gnostic Imagination:
      Gnosticism, Mandaeism, and Merkabah Mysticism'.

      Topics Discussed:

      --The various possibilities of the origins of the Mandaeans.
      Breakaway Mystic Jews? Proto-Kabbalists? John the Baptist Followers?
      Pre-Manichaean Zealots?
      --The mysterious rituals and culture of these Semite Gnostics that go
      back perhaps over two thousand years.
      --How their views actually might mirror the Classic Gnostics more than
      the Radical Dualistic Gnostics.
      --What are the reasons the Mandaeans believe Jesus and Moses are pawns
      of the evil Creator God of our universe.
      --How these `People of the Book' have been able to survive Pagan,
      Christian and Muslim empires without ever resorting to violence.
      --Why the fall of Sadaam was the reason that the Last Gnostics are on
      the brink of annihilation, with little help from any government these
      --What we, as private citizens, can do to help them before their
      wonders are erased from history by another blow of the Demiurge.

      And much more! A sober show about a tragedy that perhaps might be

      As always to access the program:

      --Go to my homepage http://www.thegodabovegod.com/
      --Scroll down until you see the Stickam screen (the eye with the
      bloody tear)
      --Click the music icon and voila…'Coffee, Cigarettes & Gnosis 80— The
      Mandaeans, the Last Gnostics' will appear in its entirety!

      There are over seventy shows for download at our homepage on all
      things Gnostic and its brethren in the Esoterica. We have some of the
      leading scholars and Gnostic sages of our days including Stephan
      Hoeller, Timothy Freke, John Turner, Marvin Meyer, Margaret Starbird,
      Bart Ehrman, Bierger Pearson, Acharya S., and Robert Price, just to
      name a few.

      To balance the show, our rebroadcast deals with the near cousins of
      the Mandaeans that did not survive the fury of Orthodoxy. This is
      `CCG #25—Mani and Manichaeans'. Our guest was Jason BeDuhn, author of
      'The Manichaean Body: In Discipline and Ritual' & Associate Professor
      of Religious Studies Department of Humanities, Arts, and Religion
      Northern Arizona University.

      It's M-M-M-Mani and the Manicheans (played to Elton John's 'Benny &
      The Jets'). Manichaeism was the only global Gnostic religion ever,
      extending from the Atlantic Ocean to central and southern Asia.
      Persian, Mongolian and Chinese kings even made it a state religion
      (one claimed Mani was the avatar of Lao-Tze). It lasted for a thousand
      years and survived until the 15th century; yet it is perhaps the least
      known variety of Gnosticism today. Manichaeism was also the biggest
      threat to the Catholic Church in its early history, as well as a
      competitor to several Eastern faiths in Asia. But the guys with swords
      tend to always win over the pacifists. We revisit the origins,
      history, and theology of this most unusual catholic Gnosticism.

      Topics Discussed:

      --The extraordinary life of the Prophet Mani, including his passion
      and execution because of an orthodox priesthood (does the story ever
      --The cosmology, tenets and rituals of Manichaeism, as well as how it
      was able to compete with so many different religions across the world.
      --How the Roman Catholic Church not only exterminated Manichaeism but
      also co-opted several of its traditions (confession, priesthood
      celibacy, and more).
      --Saint Augustine, the ex-Manichean, and his ability to interbreed
      Christian and Manichean theology that changed the Church forever.
      --Evidence that it was perhaps the Manicheans who absorbed the classic
      Gnostics and not the persecution of the early Church.
      --The reasons why there is so little known of Mani and his religion in
      these modern times.
      --Dispelling the fable that Manicheans (like all other Gnostics) were
      world-haters by glancing at their sublime scriptures and wisdom.
      --Evidence for and against the Manicheans influencing the Bogomils and
      Cathars of the later Middle Ages.

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