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Gnostic Myths Behind Jung's Theory of Individuation on CCG!!!

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  • miguelconner
    Gnostic Myths behind Jung s Theory of Individuation. Both CG Jung and his spiritual ancestors, the Gnostics, understood that deep within the human unconscious
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 1, 2007
      Gnostic Myths behind Jung's Theory of Individuation. Both CG Jung and
      his spiritual ancestors, the Gnostics, understood that deep within the
      human unconscious existed the keys to enlightenment in the
      manifestations of myths, archetypes and alchemical symbols. Mankind
      has steadily lost these mechanisms for spiritual healing; but they are
      ever present and accessible to the individual daring to take the inner
      journey of self-knowledge. We adventure into the eternal
      psychological side of Gnosticism in order that each one of us may
      recover the fundamentals of gnosis that could help the collective
      unconscious heal our fractured civilization.

      Astral Guest: Robert Lloyd, author of `The Knowledge that Leads to

      Topics Discussed:

      --We revisit the true origins, purpose and healing power of mythology.
      --Understanding how Jung utilized Gnostic philosophy and theology to
      shape depth psychology; and how any individual can utilize them in
      their achievement of wholeness or even in their daily life.
      --Why the Gnostics are considered history's first psychoanalysts.
      --The therapeutic truths behind such Gnostic myths and scriptures as
      the Fall of Sophia, the Hymn of the Pearl, the Sophia of Jesus Christ,
      the Demiurge and many more.
      --How Alchemy, from the Sufis to the Medieval Mystics, shaped Jung's
      --The Gnostic attitude: perhaps our best hope in unifying our
      fractured society in these tenuous times.

      And much more! Past and present converge into a timeless destiny we
      all belong to if we will just awaken.

      As always to access the program:

      --Go to my homepage http://www.thegodabovegod.com/
      --Scroll down until you see the Stickam screen (the eye with the
      bloody tear)
      --Click the music icon and voila…'Coffee, Cigarettes & Gnosis 75—
      Gnostic Myths behind Jung's Theory of Individuation ' will appear in
      its entirety!

      Our Rebroadcast this week is `CCG #37—The Return of the Inquisition'.
      Our guest was Arthur Versluis, author of 'The New Inquisition',
      'Restoring Paradise: Western Esotericism, Literature, and
      Consciousness' and 'Awakening the Contemplative Spirit', editor of
      Esoterica and Professor of American Studies at Michigan State University.

      Topics discussed:

      --How the Heresiologist's duality of 'right thinking' (Orthodoxy) and
      'wrong choice' (Heresy) were the foundation for the Inquisitional
      pathology and Totalitarian mind set for centuries to come.
      --How the crusades against the Cathars crystallized the Inquisition
      and Totalitarian mind set by creating a system of victimology against
      one's own population.
      --Clear evidence that many of Totalitarian leaders of the Twentieth
      Century were directly influenced by intellectuals who believed in the
      Inquisitional model and the dangers of any Gnostic ideology.
      --How Gnosticism, from the Classic Ages to modern times, has always
      been one of the boogie men for those seeking strict order in their
      --Even though religion went from the hunter to the hunted in modern
      times, the Inquisitional model was still used with the Gnostics in mind.
      --Sifting through the terror of the 'Satanic Panic' of the Eighties
      and the secret Christian organizations that to this day are attempting
      to quell Freethinkers and the Gnostic revival.
      --A look into some Gnostic secret societies that are ensconced in the
      Eastern Churches of the world that have avoided the eyes of the heresy
      hunters for centuries.

      It's not a matter of 'it can happen again', but 'it is happening and
      will happen again'. We reveal to you the importance of being vigilant
      under the long shadows of the Church Fathers and their eternal
      heresy-hunting by this nasty needle we thread.

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