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The Real Truth Behind the Gospel of Judas this week on CCG!!!

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  • miguelconner
    The Real Truth Behind the Gospel of Judas. Now that the dust has settled on the National Geographic s `Gospel of Judas , there is evidence that there might
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 10, 2007
      The Real Truth Behind the Gospel of Judas.

      Now that the dust has settled on the National Geographic's `Gospel of
      Judas', there is evidence that there might have been some glaring
      mistakes in the first version. New evidence reveals that the Gnostic
      Judas is far from an enlightened being but actually a demonic god who
      served the Demiurge against the Cosmic Christ. We take a look at the
      new, controversial translation and why the initial translators dropped
      the esoteric ball.

      Astral Guest—April DeConick, author of `The Thirteenth Apostle' &
      `Recovering the Original Gospel of Thomas'.

      Topics Discussed:

      --The various reasons the National Geographic team presented a faulty
      rendition of the Gospel of Judas.
      --How other scholars have received April's new version.
      --Looking at the various translation errors that dramatically change
      the message of this Gnostic Gospel.
      --A quick recap of the Gospel of Judas that pits the Gnostic Jesus
      against his own Apostles.
      --Understanding Sethian Gnosticism, the ideology behind the Gospel of
      Judas, and their battles against Orthodox Christianity.
      --How the Gnostic Judas is actually a being far more terrifying than
      the Demiurge or any of his Archons.
      --An overview of the other overlooked texts that came with the Gospel
      of Judas (some that are still not available to the public).

      And much more (to say the least)!

      As a balance, this week's rebroadcast is `Coffee, Cigarettes & Gnosis
      #39—The Gospel of Judas'. Our guest was Marvin Meyer, one of the
      original translators with the National Geographic team.

      Topics Discussed:

      --The process in which the Gospel of Judas was discovered and translated.
      --Not only its Sethian flavor, but how there are hints of
      proto-Kabbalah and heavy Jewish Mysticism within its pages.
      --An intimate look between the close relationship of the enlightened
      Judas and the Logos.
      --Is the Gospel of Judas a monolithic work or a patchwork of different
      Gnostic sects?
      --How one of its keynotes is a direct shot at the rising Christian
      Orthodox Church.
      --Rethinking Judas Iscariot, inside and outside of his Gospel.
      --Barbelo: another possible meaning for supreme, supernal female Godhead.
      --How it has affected Gnostic scholarship including the question of
      'Gnosticism' even being a word that should be used at all.

      As always to access the program:

      --Go to my homepage http://www.thegodabovegod.com/
      --Scroll down until you see the Stickam screen (the eye with the
      bloody tear)
      --Click the music icon and voila…'Coffee, Cigarettes & Gnosis 73—The
      Real Truth Behind the Gospel of Judas' will appear in its entirety!

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