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RE : [Gnosticism2] Re: What is knowledge?

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    Souran ... letter, for those who are not blind at heart.
    Message 1 of 6 , Oct 13, 2007

      >>>bush with small letter unlike Mark with Capital
      letter, for those who are not blind at heart.<<<

      As Cari points out, we all understood Mark's humor and it did not
      invite attack.

      Ok, to your original question.

      >>>If you identify gnosticism with knowledge, then, what IS
      knowledge? and please do NOT beat about the bush!<<<

      You are actually raising two different issues with this question.
      One is an issue of translation, and the other is one of epistemology.

      In order to not beat around the bush let me start out by stating it
      is not a matter of "IF" for the identification of gnosis with
      knowledge. If you have a good dictionary you can look the word up
      and find that the root meaning (and root word) is in fact simpy an
      etymological fact. You may notice the odd g at the beginning of one
      word, and the odd k on the other. The (overly) simple version of the
      story is that this g eventually turned into a k in the English
      language. We actually do still have English words that have the
      original spelling, such as "prognosis".

      So... in the original Greek, terms that use this root (gignosko,
      gnosis) are generally translated as know, knowing, knowledge, etc.

      Now on to your question of what is knowledge. Entire books have been
      written on this subject, so I can't assume you would really like
      somebody to fully address the whole topic in a single post. Besides
      that, since this forum deals specifically with traditional
      Gnosticism I have to assume you really meant only to ask about what
      the term means in the context of traditional Gnostic thinking.

      We have actually discussed this topic at lenght in here previously,
      so it is possible to look up the previous conversations if you wish.
      Also, Cari points out that we have some definitions and outlines in
      our files section http://groups.yahoo.com/group/gnosticism2/files/
      and that you can find in our links

      The first of the two urls I just posted deals specifically with
      attributes that I believe are present in relation to the concept of
      Gnosis in the historical Gnostic texts. In other words, this is what
      I think the Gnostics of old meant by the concept of "Gnosis".

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