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  • Dorina S
    Hello Celeste, I m sorry, but it seems to sound like such a vicious circle, and I can see the problem the skeptics have with it. For me, I already know I m an
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 15, 2007
      Hello Celeste,
      I'm sorry, but it seems to sound like such a vicious circle, and I can see the problem the skeptics have with it. For me, I already know I'm an eternal being, and am trying to iron out how I got "here" and why.
      I don't see "choices" offered to the human race, by and large. I see the choice of fitting into society or being put into a mental institution, neither of which works for me. So if we take away wanting to be saved from it all, then the question could reasonably arise as to why the "grandfather" would have allowed all this to happen in the first place. This really hits some hot-button issues with me personally, because I was raised by my grandfather who was supposed to be protecting me from an abusive dad, but didn't always do so! I now have PTSD and a lot of chronic illness from the experiences of my childhood. It is said that the whole collective consciousness of humanity has PTSD because of the traumas we've been through. We have not extricated ourselves from this in 3 billion years, so I think it's time to call on the Grandfather. I'm not too proud to say "Help", and in fact I can come to no other point. I do not blame the skeptics and atheists for not believing anything, because I think they are right to say what they do. I just know that I'm eternal because I've seen it, and I guess they have not yet for themselves.
      Actually, to tell you the truth, I've only heard that the Native Americans called "God" "The Great Spirit", but never "The Grandfather". This is new to me, but interesting. Nevertheless, it does not answer why this entity would have just sat back and allowed the archons to take us over. What choice did "we" have in the matter?
      Maybe there's one thing that I can get straight for now. Are the Archons, who some in other venues call the Reptilians, the ones who run the Matrix, and is duality the Matrix? Is duality a dimensional experience?
      Hello Dorina,

      The problem of "if there is a God, then why doesn't he save me", or
      "end suffering" will never go away with some people. People always
      seem to want a benevolent dictator. They are also sold on the idea
      that an absolutely good God would be running a world that is happy,
      safe and fun. But there is error, and people will tend to choose the
      negative path in order to satisfy sensory pleasures, or the desire for
      power. They, in turn, have created for themselves a situation which
      needs to be corrected. In the interest of their own self development
      and spiritual evolution, there must be a meeting of one's own negative
      choices and actions. We create our own suffering by choosing error,
      which is freely offered to us by the illusions of the archons.

      As long as we continue to choose error and remain ignorant of the
      forces which seek to hold us back, we will remain on this wheel going
      around and around, questioning the existence of a greater force which
      COULD help us if he wanted to. Simply removing the consequences of
      our actions in order to alleviate our discomfort at having to face
      ourselves, is not good, helpful or loving. This being said, there are
      a myriad of situations and circumstances which are difficult to
      discuss and philosophize about when it comes to the idea of karma. I
      have been at the unbearable end of this myself, so I completely
      understand the arguments that people will generally hurl against the
      idea of having generated the issue.

      I myself, do not question the existence of a God beyond the realm of
      the demiurge. Christ, as the gnostic revealer, taught that there is a
      father hidden from us by the machinations of the demiurge, and our
      initiation into gnosis will save us from ignorance of our true origin
      and place in the universe.

      I used to wonder why Native Americans called the Great Spirit
      "Grandfather" , when we call God "Father". A grandfather created your
      parent, the parent creates you. The hidden Father generated the
      Sophia who is the mother of the gods, the aeons. This is the
      beginning of our generation.

      Well, sorry this got to be so long. I hope it has been helpful. God


    • bicyclesophie
      I completely understand how you feel. I m just one person who has come to my own understanding, I would never insist that anyone must agree with me. I am
      Message 2 of 2 , Feb 16, 2007

        I completely understand how you feel.  I'm just one person who has come to my own understanding, I would never insist that anyone must agree with me.  I am sorry for the abuses in your past, I have also had to learn how to deal with abuse in my past, of a sexual nature.  That is why I don't like to enter into discussions of the "hows and whys".  It almost always hurts.  It almost never leads to feelings of resolution.  These things come privately, an understanding we reach in our our minds which becomes internalized. 

        Please know that I am absolutely not trying to tell anyone "how it is", only what conclusions I have reached based on my own contemplation and study.  Each person has their own path to walk, replete with sorrows and joys. 

        As for the Native American Grandfather issue, I have collected some books of Native myths and stories.  In many of them the Great Spirit is very often, but not exclusively, referred to as Grandfather.  The feminine energy is reffered to in many cases as Spider Woman, or as Grandmother Spider Woman.  They are very enjoyable to read, and its fun to compare the imagery to Gnostic imagery.

        I'm not too sure about the Matrix question.  Really, I would say, read and contemplate.  If you want truths and you set your mind to it, answers will come.

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