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Sethian Gnosticism this Sunday on Coffee, Cigarettes and Gnosis!!!

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  • miguelconner
    Sethian Gnosticism—perhaps the oldest form of Gnosticism, both predating by many generations and influencing Christianity. It s a succinct escapade into
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 4, 2007
      Sethian Gnosticism—perhaps the oldest form of Gnosticism, both
      predating by many generations and influencing Christianity. It's a
      succinct escapade into these mysterious Christians before Christianity.

      John Turner, author of `Sethian Gnosticism and The Platonic
      Tradition', Professor of Religious Studies at The University of
      Nebraska & one of the original translators of the Nag Hammadi Library
      joins `Coffee, Cigarettes, & Gnosis' this Sunday, January 7, at 3 PM
      PST/5 PM CST/6 PM EST at Freethoughtmedia.com. Just click the `ON
      AIR' button under the banner.

      Topics discussed:

      --The origins, theology, cosmology and rituals of the Sethians,
      including the mysterious `Five Seal Baptism'.
      --Analyzing the various Nag Hammadi Library Sethian literature
      including `The Secret Book of John', `The Apocalypse of Adam', `The
      Three Steles of Seth' and more, as well as questionable Sethian works
      like `Thunder, The Perfect Mind' and `The Hypostasis of the Archon'.
      --Who exactly is Barbelo, the mysterious female principle of The
      Divine, and what does that odd name really mean?
      --How a fusion of Sethian and Ophite Gnosticism is possibly the
      bedrock for all Gnostic ideology and schools, as well as much as
      Christian (including the origins of the concept of the Trinity).
      --We revisit The Gospel of Judas, exposing that not only it's a
      Sethian scripture but also that its message on Judas has been
      misunderstood by the initial scholarship.
      --How the Sethians kept the neo-Pythagorean and neo-Platonic torches
      alive through much of the early AD centuries.
      --Another joyride into the perverse mind of our friend, Bishop
      Irenaeus, and his views on who were the Gnostics.
      --What exactly became of the Sethians once they broke away from both
      Orthodox and Gnostic Christianity (you'll be surprised).

      Our rebroadcast this Sunday at 12 PM PST/2 PM CST/3 PM PST is `Coffee,
      Cigarettes & Gnosis #18—Me, Myself & Irenaeus'. It's a comprehensive
      view on the Gospel of Philip and the Valentinians who compiled it.
      Our guest was Andrew Phillip Smith, author of 'The Gospel of Philip,
      Annotated & Explained' & 'The Gospel of Thomas: A New Translation
      Based on the Inner Meaning'.

      Topics discussed:

      --The origins, theology and secret meanings of The Gospel of Philip.
      --The reality behind the depiction of the close and intimate
      relationship between Mary Magdalene and The Logos.
      --The Gnostic Pauline and Johannine influences that permeate the
      Gospel of Philip.
      --The history and philosophy of Valentinus, the great Gnostic Master,
      whose influence formed this Gospel, as well as many others in The Nag
      Hammadi Library. His movement was considered the most sophisticated,
      intellectual and moral of the Classic Gnostics, which made it the
      biggest menace to the nascent Catholic Church. In fact, Valentinus
      almost became the Pope of The Catholic Church, which would have
      changed history if not for an eleventh hour shift in fortune. If
      only...if only...
      --We learn how to read this symbolical and abstract work that, in
      essence, will help us understand all other Christian texts in the
      right context.
      --Deciphering the battles between Bishop Irenaeus and the Valentinians.
      --The Gospel of Philip has been called the Sacramental Gospel, being
      the first Christian work introducing a full catalogue of holy rituals.
      Is it possible that the Gnostics first conceived certain mystery rites
      that were later usurped by the Orthodox Church?

      Like The Gospel of Philip says, 'Truth did not come into the world
      naked. It came in type and images. The world would not receive truth
      in any other way.' Learn to see beyond the words, ideas and images
      that limit our spiritual transformation so that the truth will set us
      and the world free from the Angelic Mafia.

      Both shows are an excellent initiation to the new season since they
      are an almost complete dissertation on Gnosticism Proper and how it
      predates Orthodox Christianity.

      Next week we deal with the Kabbalah and the Kosmos; and how mystical
      Judaism and modern cosmology view the origins of the universe, the
      purpose of existence and the evolution of Creation in the same way.
      The ancients believed that the secular and the sacred went hand in
      hand, but we have lost that as a contemporary society. Yet the
      reality is that esoteric and rational thinking not only have striking
      methodologies and goals, but their marriage can bring forth a deeper
      and more complete understanding of the universe and humanity's role in
      it. Astral Guest: Howard Smith, author of `Let There Be Light: Modern
      Cosmology and The Kabbalah', senior astrophysicist at the Harvard-
      Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics in Cambridge, Massachusetts and a
      senior member of several teams with NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope.

      The future (and the past and the present) are so bright we gotta wear
      shades, my beloved Truthseekers.

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