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Pythagoras this Sunday on Coffee, Cigarettes and Gnosis!!!

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  • miguelconner
    A proto-Gnostic & Mystic Master: Not only might have he given you fits in your high school geometry class, this mysterious figure coined the word
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 23, 2006
      A proto-Gnostic & Mystic Master: Not only might have he given you
      fits in your high school geometry class, this mysterious figure coined
      the word `philosophy', was initiated in the Orphic & Egyptian
      Mysteries, understood the universe as a harmony of music, math and
      magic, and founded perhaps the first egalitarian, ascetic cadre of
      freethinkers in the West. He influenced most of the greatest
      philosophers of Greece, including Plato. Whether in history or in
      legendry, this man is one of the main grandfathers of most esoteric
      schools of thought our culture. You know him simply as Pythagoras.

      Astral Guest: Charles H. Kahn, author of `Pythagoras and the
      Pythagoreans: A Brief History' and Professor of Philosophy at the
      University of Pennsylvania joins `Coffee, Cigarettes, & Gnosis' this
      Sunday, November 26, at 3 PM PST/5 PM CST/6 PM EST at
      Freethoughtmedia.com. Just click the `now playing' button under the

      Topics Discussed:

      --The origins and history of Pythagoras, who arguable established the
      first ever `cult' in Western Society.
      --His influence on Greek Philosophy, Gnosticism, Christianity and
      Judaism, and later Renaissance Philosophy.
      --The various doctrines of the Pythagoreans, never seen before in the
      classic Greek world, including reincarnation, vegetarianism,
      egalitarianism, and more that were later adopted by the Gnostics,
      Mystic Jews and Mediterranean Mystery Schools.
      --The influence of Pythagoras on modern science, including
      history-changing thinkers who were influenced by him.
      --The reality that, like all proto-Messiahs and Messengers of Light,
      Pythagoras was despised and rebuked during his turn at the wheel.
      --Did the Cult of Orpheus influence Pythagoras or did he influence
      this mysterious brotherhood?
      --Separating the legendary figure from the historical man.
      --The shocking truth behind the Pythagorean Theorem and his other
      mathematical discoveries.
      --The parallels between Pythagoras and the `historical' Jesus.

      Pythagoras represents the balanced thinker, the history-altering
      genius, an indicivual who understood that the sacred and the secular
      were one and the same, that science and magic didn't have to be at
      odds, that the natural was supernatural and the supernatural was
      natural. It's a pity atheists or theists can't understand this these

      Next week it's The Serpent & The Goddess. They are also known as Eve
      & The Snake, Ophine & Euronyme, Jesus & Mary Magdalene, Arthur
      Penndragon & Guinevere and several other archetypal, mythical and
      mystic consorts that have been suppressed for thousands of years. Yet
      this primordial syzygy reveals not only the path to gnosis, but the
      heart into the secrets of the Holy Grail, the Temple of Solomon, the
      Knights Templar and so much more. Astral Guest: Philip Gardiner,
      best-selling author of `Gnosis: The Secrets of Solomon's Temple
      Revealed', `The Shining Ones' & `Secrets of The Serpent'.

      This week's rebroadcast is `Coffee, Cigarettes & Gnosis #13: The
      Thomas Gospel Affair'. Everything you need to know to delve into the
      most influential Gnostic Scripture: The Gospel of Thomas. Our guest
      was David F. Capps, author of 'The Gospel of Thomas: A Blue Print For
      Spiritual Growth'. The Show starts at 11:30AM PST/1:30 CST/2:30 EST.

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